Fore Genomics Launches FORESITE 360 100% DNA Test for Advanced Newborn Screening Using Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) with 1:1 Genetic Counseling Services

Advanced Newborn Screening with Whole Genome Sequencing Helps Identify 300+ Clinically Manageable Conditions, 40+ Medication Interactions, and Could Be Used to Guide a Lifetime of Precision Health Decisions with One Simple 100% DNA Test After Birth

SAN DIEGO--()--Fore Genomics, Inc. announced the launch of its revolutionary FORESITE 360™ service using whole genome sequencing (WGS) today, which gives you a complete map (100%) of your baby’s DNA with a simple at-home collection kit. FORESITE 360™ is a 100% DNA test more advanced than basic newborn screening, opening a road to making healthier choices for their future.

With clinical precision in a simple 100% DNA test, FORESITE 360™ allows you to see which genetically linked and clinically manageable diseases your baby might have now or could develop later. FORESITE 360™ also allows you to see how your baby will respond to common medications. Just obtain a saliva sample and send to Fore’s processing labs for your baby’s genomic profile to be sequenced with whole genome sequencing and screened against 300+ genetically linked and manageable diseases and 40 medication types, and you and your family physician receive a clinical report with any findings to review 1:1 with your personal genetic counselor. FORESITE 360™ is more comprehensive than newborn screening because it uses whole genome sequencing through a simple, at-home 100% DNA test you can order online via

100% DNA test: Know More. Know Early. Know What to Do. That’s FORESITE 360™.

A popular non-clinical 100% DNA test like 23andMe® and Ancestry® uses only a fraction of your DNA. FORESITE 360™ screens healthy newborns, infants, and children using whole genome sequencing (WGS) via a parent-initiated telemedicine platform. FORESITE 360™ is physician-ordered with clinical reporting, but it’s easy to buy online through the FORESITE 360™ website.

Basic newborn screening varies from state to state and consists of screening for a few dozen conditions that would be best to know early in life to improve health outcomes, widely considered one of the most successful public health programs in U.S. history. Newborn screening is generally free, but extremely limited in scope. Think of FORESITE 360™ like advanced newborn screening. Parents who want to know as much as they can, as soon as they can, about conditions their child may develop in the first two decades of life want whole genome sequencing with FORESITE 360™.

FORESITE 360™ whole genome sequencing never changes, you’ll receive annual information about new genetically linked health risks. There are billions of dollars invested annually in research, with new gene-disease validations every year that could affect your child’s health. Without whole genome sequencing from FORESITE 360™ which is vastly more comprehensive than basic newborn screening – your children could suffer unnecessarily for years without access to this vital health information. One simple, at-home 100% DNA test with FORESITE 360™ is all you need for a lifetime of insights, unlocking the power of whole genome sequencing.

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FORESITE 360™, by Fore Genomics, Inc. is a health information service for healthy newborns, infants, children, and their families that uses genetics to plan for their future health through a simple 100% DNA test ordered online. FORESITE 360™ is a self-pay product, available to parents who want more information than limited newborn screening. FORESITE 360™ is a 100% DNA test that uses whole genome sequencing to unlock a lifetime of health information and clinical reporting.


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FORESITE 360(TM) provides advanced newborn screening through a 100% DNA test using whole genome sequencing. Free eBook available at


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