Lygos & CJ FNT Partner to Deliver High-Performing, Sustainable Materials

The partnership will focus on optimization of fermentation processes to produce sustainable materials for commercialization

BERKELEY, Calif., & SEOUL, South Korea--()--Lygos, a sustainable specialty chemical company, and CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT) (KRX:097950), a global fermentation and biotechnology company and business unit of South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang, today announced the companies have signed an agreement to support large-scale manufacturing of amino and organic acid precursors for Lygos’ Soltellus & Ecoteriaproducts.

CJ has over 60 years in the fermentation business with expertise in microbial fermentation and infrastructure to scale and optimize production processes. The partnership enables Lygos to utilize CJ’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capacity, and access existing technology and optimization tools from their newly formed precision fermentation CDMO (Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization) business. Lygos intends to execute additional plans for near and mid-term demand for product applications of Soltellus and Ecoteria, while CJ will provide critical technical and strategic optimization for process and production to support commercialization.

“CJ’s innovative approach enables efficient technology development, leverages robust production capabilities across the value chain, and is a strong complement to our current and future commercial product offerings,” said Eric Steen, CEO of Lygos. “This partnership augments our commercialization strategy of Collaborate to Accelerate by providing access to CJ’s technology and optimization capabilities for fermentation processes as well as the potential to collaborate on new products.”

“Lygos represents a standout partner for us that has developed technology and commercial plans that meet our objectives for future growth,” said Lance Choi, CEO of CJ FNT. “We believe their success combined with our technical capabilities will help accrue additional partnerships to our CDMO business.”

Soltellus™ polymers are sustainable, biodegradable, and water-soluble with applications in home care, agronomy, and water treatment and is currently available on

Ecoteria™ malonates offer safety, sustainability, performance, and supply resiliency benefits in fragrances, coatings, agriculture chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other specialty applications.

About Lygos

Lygos is a pioneering sustainable specialty chemicals company, leading the world’s transition toward better, cleaner, and more sustainable products. We have built a proprietary and fully integrated platform of the most advanced technologies across synthetic biology, industrial chemistry, and application development to rapidly deliver market relevant solutions to some of the world’s biggest sustainability challenges. With a pipeline of high-performing, innovative solutions, Lygos is paving the way for generations of new sustainable solutions for our world.

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