Hybrigenics Re-brands to 'ATON' as Company Signals New Global Vision and Strategy to Advance Breakthrough Treatments

ATON commits €15million to support its new growth and development strategy over next three years

ILLKICH-GRAFFENSTADEN, France--()--Hybrigenics, a leading French publicly listed bioscience firm, has today announced its re-brand to 'ATON' as it signifies the culmination of a transformative shift in its vision and strategy that began two years ago. Developed over the last year, the new identity and re-branding plan aligns with ATON's wider commitment to positioning the company as a prominent player in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry; and will support continued growth and profitability.

The rebrand also supports the company’s ongoing plans to advancing breakthrough treatments and create, support, and energise next-generation life sciences enterprises to help deliver today’s and tomorrow’s medicines. To advance this, ATON has committed a further €15million over the next three years; and follows the recent completion of a two-year €10million investment strategy.

Founded in 1998, and headquartered in France, ATON is a leading bioscience company listed on the Euronext Paris. It has four companies within the ATON group:

  • Bcell Design designs, produces and distributes best-in-class antibodies for the in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs) industry, the research and the development of therapeutics to increase patient safety;
  • Inoviem Scientific supports biopharmaceutical companies by accelerating and securing the entire drug development process.
  • PIMS Technology is patented technology and equipment designed to personalise treatment, ensuring the right treatments are provided to the right patient in a more cost-effective way
  • Stemcis develops surgical kits for lipofilling procedures, and provides high-quality, efficient and easy-to-use equipment for fat transfer procedures.

The bioscience firm has a broad focus and covers all therapeutic areas, including cancer, cardiology, dermatology, neurology, haematology, and inflammatory conditions, such as Crohn’s disease, and allergies. Through its products and services, the company supports its partners and customers to make quick decisions and take better care of patients.

ATON's decision to re-brand reflects its bold aspirations and dedication to driving innovation in bioscience. The company's new name represents its core principles of leading-edge technology and solutions, as it looks to spearhead the next generation of breakthrough treatments.

Central to ATON's vision is the doubling of its workforce over the next two years, a strategic move to strengthen its capabilities and accelerate research and development efforts. By expanding its team of experts and leveraging their diverse talents, ATON aims to unlock groundbreaking discoveries, drive the development of today’s and tomorrow’s therapies, and transform patient outcomes.

In addition to expanding its workforce, ATON will actively pursue strategic international expansion. This strategy will enhance ATON's research capabilities, expand its technology portfolio, and foster collaborations with industry-leading experts. By embracing this growth strategy, ATON aims to create a dynamic ecosystem that fuels innovation and accelerates the development of life-saving treatments.

"ATON represents a new era for our company, one that is defined by our unwavering commitment to advancing breakthrough treatments and putting the patient at the centre of everything we do," said Leone Atayi, Chief Executive Officer, ATON. " Our focus is to invest in the future of medicine and lead the bioscience industry in the advancement of therapies, for the good of patients, medicine, and society as a whole. We believe that every patient deserves treatments that are safer and more effective, tailored to their unique biology, and our company is determined to make that a reality. Our re-branding as ATON signifies our renewed focus and commitment to transform the field of bioscience."

Through collaborations with leading scientists and institutions, ATON and its portfolio of specialist bioscience companies seek to uncover new insights into disease mechanisms and discover novel therapeutic targets by guiding and supporting life science enterprises.

As ATON embarks on this transformative journey, it remains rooted in its mission to advance therapies for the good of patients, medicine, and society. The re-branding of ATON marks a pivotal moment for the company as it sets its sights on reshaping the landscape of bioscience and ushering in a new era of personalized medicine.

For more information about ATON and its leading-edge technologies for the life sciences industry, please visit www.aton-group.com.

Notes to Editor

Aton is a lifesciences group invested in the future of medicine, to improve patient care and treatment safety. Aton guides and grows a portfolio of leading-edge companies, each deploying a specialism, working in synergy to advance tomorrow’s therapies.

ATON is the trade name under which Hybrigenics SA operates. Hybrigenics SA (ALHYG) is listed in Paris on Euronext’s Growth market, eligible for PEAPME.


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Edel Fitzgerald, Reputation Inc, +35387 606 8263, efitzgerald@reputation-inc.com
Paul Griffin, Reputation Inc, +35387 667 4305, pgriffin@reputation-inc.com