OrganaBio Approved as A Science Exchange and Partner

Easily find, order, manage, and pay for OrganaBio's products and services on Science Exchange and platforms. (Photo: Business Wire)

MIAMI--()--OrganaBio products and services can now be accessed via the Science Exchange and platforms. Both online marketplaces allow buyers to find and request services directly through the platform and help streamline communication and buying processes through standardized proposal and contracting mechanisms.

Drug developers can now leverage and and search for OrganaBio’s services and products specifically (e.g. donor screening, leukopaks, cord blood units, PBMCs, NK cells, T cells, HSCs etc.). Through partnering with these platforms, OrganaBio once again demonstrates its commitment to easing the path to collaboration for its clients and partners. The OrganaBio storefronts may be found online at and

About OrganaBio

OrganaBio is a robust and reliable biotech solutions provider for cell therapy and immunotherapy developers. OrganaBio has opened doors to a new Contract Technology Development Manufacturing Organization (CTDMO) paradigm that involves a passionate commitment to ethically accelerate the deployment of cell therapies through making accessible, critical resources that are essential for therapeutics development. The company’s products and services span the full development lifecycle – from proprietary tissue supply chains and cellular starting materials (e.g. MSCs, HSCs, NK cells, T cells, etc.) to expert development, testing, and other support services that expedite the path to clinical translation within our state-of-the-art, ready-to-use cGMP manufacturing facility, enabling the rapid and economical manufacture of clinical materials.

OrganaBio believes in a paradigm where new CTDMO partnerships are needed to support a variety of organizations with a common mindset – one to accelerate the deployment of advanced therapies from its pre-clinical stages to scaling up towards global commercialization. OrganaBio’s commitment to provide access to these critical resources essential for therapeutic development ensures our partners are given the flexibility and agility to significantly reduce manufacturing cost and timelines through our state-of-the-art donor management facilities and remain committed to a culture of ethically sourcing raw materials from healthy donors, fully consented under IRB-approved protocols and in accordance with US FDA 21 CFR 1271.

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Contacts; Dr. Priya Baraniak, Chief Business Officer

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Contacts; Dr. Priya Baraniak, Chief Business Officer