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Utilizing EV (Electric Vehicle) Energy for Medical Services at Times of Disaster

A demonstration experiment using electric vehicles (EVs) to operate sterilization equipment. (Photo: Business Wire)

HAMAMATSU, Japan--()--In August 2023, Hamamatsu University Hospital, Hamamatsu Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and ASP Japan, G.K. jointly conducted a demonstration experiment to operate STERRAD™ (sterilization equipment) using electric power from EVs (electric vehicles) at Hamamatsu University Hospital.

In the event of a disaster where lifelines are cut off, the STERRAD™ can be operated using only electricity, without water or gas, and can immediately begin sterilization operations as soon as power is available. The demonstration tests confirmed that STERRAD™ can operate normally on EV power, and is expected to further contribute to the recovery of the medical system in the event of a disaster or power outage.

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As a leading company in the fields of cleaning and disinfection and sterilization, ASP Japan, G.K., continues to create an environment that provides safe and secure medical care through innovative products and services.

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ASP has a history of innovation in the fields of low-temperature sterilization and high-level disinfection. We developed the world's first hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization system, STERRAD™, a low-temperature sterilizer with improved safety and shorter sterilization time, which is earthquake-proof because it operates only on electricity. As a market leader in the low-temperature sterilizer market, we provide innovative products and services.

In the field of high-level disinfection, we have developed DisOPA™, which offers improved safety, shorter disinfection time, and ease of use. As a brand leader in the field of high-level disinfection, together with the Endoclens™ soft endoscope cleaning and disinfection device, DisOPA™ contributes to improving the quality and efficiency of soft endoscope reprocessing.

Product Name: STERRAD™ 100NX
Product Name: STERRAD NX™
Product Name: STERRAD™100S
Product Name: ENDOCLENS™ Neo
Product Name: ENDOCLENS™ -S
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