Sensis Renews Its Commitment to Raise Latino Voices Through Culturally Relevant and Fully Integrated Marketing Campaigns

During Hispanic Heritage Month and Beyond, the Cross-Cultural Agency Is Revolutionizing Marketing to Continue to Lift Latino Communities

LOS ANGELES--()--Sensis, the largest Hispanic-owned cross-cultural agency in the nation, continues its remarkable journey of breaking barriers and driving positive impact across diverse communities. Founded 25 years ago by José Villa, son of Cuban immigrants, Sensis was born out of a vision to revolutionize the marketing and advertising sector by empowering mainstream and diverse communities, especially the vibrant Latino population.

Today, Sensis stands as a trailblazing, 100% minority-owned agency that delivers fully integrated cross-cultural marketing services, fostering meaningful connections between brands, the Hispanic community and beyond. The team at Sensis is led by 48% Hispanic C-Suite leaders and 44% Hispanic employees overall, committed to the Hispanic community, celebrating their heritage, supporting their growth, and elevating their voices.

Amplifying Latino Voices during Hispanic Heritage Month

With 62.6 million Hispanics making up 19% of the U.S. population, Sensis has long championed the cause of Hispanic communities, raising awareness, advocating for critical issues, and driving positive change. From campaigns promoting healthy lifestyles to promoting educational attainment, Sensis is committed to empowering Hispanic communities through its multifaceted marketing expertise.

"As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I couldn't be prouder of Sensis' journey. Our mission is deeply personal: to empower Latino voices and break barriers in the marketing world. We understand that cultures are more than mere labels; they embody the essence of who we are. With every campaign and partnership, we strive to make a meaningful impact by amplifying Latinidad and fostering positive change. At Sensis, our heritage fuels our purpose, driving us forward with unwavering passion and a commitment to inclusivity. Together, we forge ahead, building bridges that connect people and brands across cultures," said Sensis CEO, José Villa.

AltaMed: Ensuring Latinos Grow Healthy at Any Age

Sensis has partnered with AltaMed to bring impactful campaigns to life, raising awareness of the comprehensive care available within the Latino community. The Grow Healthy campaign supports the mission of AltaMed to help community members have access to convenient and culturally sensitive care for individuals of all ages.

AltaMed is on a mission to eliminate disparities in health care access and outcomes by providing superior quality health and human services through an integrated system for Latino, multi-ethnic and overlooked communities in Southern California. Sensis is driving the mission of AltaMed through powerful media to support Latino communities that need them most.

Chispa (Match Group): Nuanced Representation for a Diverse Latino Community

Through its second-year partnership with Chispa, the number one dating app for Latino singles in the U.S., Sensis has embraced the power of strategic spokespeople from diverse backgrounds.

By painting a nuanced picture of the Chispa user, Sensis ensures that all Latines feel represented, fostering inclusivity in topics ranging from sustainability and financial literacy to LGBTQ+ and Afro-Latino representation, body acceptance, and sexual health awareness. The commitment to diverse brand spokespeople showcases Chispa as a platform that genuinely embraces and celebrates the rich tapestry of Latino voices.

Northern Arizona University Yuma: Empowering Hispanic Students

Sensis has dedicated itself to promoting the enduring significance of education and its transformative impact on the lives of students, particularly the U.S. Hispanic population, via numerous strategic partnerships with higher education institutions across the country.

By positioning NAU-Yuma’s 35-year track record for academic excellence, Sensis has elevated the university's reputation among primarily Hispanic, first-generation student populations along the U.S.-Mexican border. Through targeted campaigns and communications, Sensis strives to foster brand awareness, empower diverse student populations, and pave the way for social and economic mobility.

Center for Elders’ Independence: Empathetic Care for Latino Older Adults

At Sensis, diversity and representation extend to Latine older adults as well. The Center for Elders’ Independence (CEI), a well-established PACE provider in Alameda and Contra Costa counties for nearly four decades, caters to many Latino couples and individuals.

Thanks to Sensis' marketing and communications efforts, these older adults now have better awareness of the PACE program in their own language. Our ongoing effort continues to raise awareness of CEI’s comprehensive medical and social services, offering vital support to elderly Latino individuals in the region.

As Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off, Sensis reaffirms its commitment to focus on Hispanic communities, celebrating their heritage, supporting their endeavors, and elevating their voices.

About Sensis

Sensis is the marketing agency that leaves no one behind. With a powerful combination of creativity, UX/UI, media, amplification, research, and strategy, Sensis connects people with brands, building relationships across cultures. As a 100% minority-owned, 75% diverse leadership, and 70% diverse agency, Sensis serves Fortune 500 companies, state and local government agencies, Federal government agencies, and non-profit organizations, including the CDC, The National Guard, FEMA, and more. Sensis has consistently ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies for eleven years and has been recognized for significant achievement throughout Hispanic communities by the Hispanic Public Relations Association with multiple awards.


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