Banuba Enhances AR Face Touch-Up (Beauty Filter) Features

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--()--Banuba, a leading augmented reality company, has recently released version 1.8 of Face AR SDK. Most of the improvements concerned the face touch-up suite. These features are extremely popular among social media and video conferencing app users, so keeping the required technology upgraded has been Banuba’s priority.

Face touch-up (also known as “beautification” or “AI facelift”) features are designed to subtly enhance the person’s natural looks and eliminate camera distortions. Here is the demonstration of effects in a short video.

Beauty AR face touch-up brings the following benefits:

  • Increasing user engagement. Looking better entices people to stay on the apps for longer. This leads to increased conversions and ad revenue.
  • Alleviating camera shyness. Many people are worried about looking bad on photos, videos, and video calls. The face touch-up suite ensures they will always look their best.
  • Saving time. Models for staged pictures often need to apply a lot of makeup even to achieve the coveted natural look. Banuba’s technology allows achieving the same results with a few clicks.

The first major improvement in v1.8 is the acne removal feature. With just a tap, the user can clean an area of their skin and make it look natural and healthy. The developers are able to change the size of this area to adapt to different photo resolutions and improve precision.

The second addition is a massively improved skin smoothing. It removes blemishes and other imperfections, as well as evens out the skin tone. This results in healthy-looking skin without the use of any cosmetics. This effect used to be separated from the rest, but now the developers can access it together with the others and tune everything in the same place.

Banuba Face AR SDK touch-up functionalities also include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Eye bag removal
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Virtual makeup
  • Eye whitening/flare
  • Eye color changer
  • Hair color changer

These features can be applied together or separately on photos and videos.

You can read more about the latest release in the dedicated blog post.

About Banuba

Banuba is an augmented reality company with over 7 years on the market, pioneering face tracking, virtual try-on, and virtual background technologies. Banuba provides software development kits (SDKs) for augmented reality and video editing, as well as ready-to-integrate solutions for virtual try-on on face, hair and hand.


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Release Summary

Banuba adds acne removal and improves skin smoothing in the latest version of its Face AR SDK.

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