PreVeteran Launches New SkillBridge Optimizer Course to Help Improve Veteran Employment Outcomes


JACKSON, Wyo.--()--Jason C. Anderson is the founder and CEO of PreVeteran and a 20-year Air Force veteran. After retirement in 2014, he and his family moved back to Wyoming where he took a remote, entry-level business development role with a $6B aerospace and defense company.

Within a year, he was promoted to the head of business for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Despite this meteoric rise in the company, he was struck with the sobering reality that he was not prepared to perform well in either private sector role, despite the outward appearance of success.

From those looking in from the outside, it looked like he was extremely successful—and by one measure he was. But what people didn’t see was his intense struggle to get up to speed in the company, performance-wise.

Determined to change the system so that transitioning military members and spouses are prepared for private sector employment, PreVeteran launched its individual training program in June of 2021.

“Over the past two years we’ve had a lot of success with our individual programs because our goal is to empower the individual by making them aware of the gaps they have coming out of the military and give them the training, tools, and support to fill them.”

Taking those lessons learned, PreVeteran created a SkillBridge Optimizer Course that addresses those known gaps for both the service member and the SkillBridge provider. SkillBridge is an internship program aimed at helping military members transition into private sector companies.

“With both parties unaware of these gaps, this leads to less-than-optimal outcomes that can be significantly improved with our training,” Anderson said. “We’re excited to get the training out there and start improving the experience for both parties.”

Starting September 1st 2023, PreVeteran’s SkillBridge Optimizer course is available for purchase. This short course is ideal for companies with existing SkillBridge programs with 50 or more participants per year.

If you’d like to learn more about PreVeteran’s SkillBridge Optimization Course and how your company can get started with this innovative training, there are two opportunities.

1) Visit the PreVeteran Website to book a call.
2) Attend our “How to Optimize Your SkillBridge Program” event on September 5th.



Release Summary

PreVeteran, a veteran-owned workforce development company, is launching its SkillBridge Optimizer Course to help improve veteran employment outcomes