Veero™ Adds Segment Height to EyeSize Eyewear Fitting Solution, Provides Precise Measurements to Properly Fit Progressive Lenses

New feature builds on EyeSize’s proprietary fit-optimization technology to improve customer experience and reduce returns

Veero™ has added precision seg height measurement to its EyeSize virtual-fit solution, a gamechanger for online sales of progressive lenses. (Graphic: Business Wire)

BOSTON--()--AI-software innovator Veero™ has added a precision segment (seg) height measurement experience to its EyeSize virtual-fit solution for eyewear retailers. The new feature is a gamechanger for online sales of progressive lenses. Along with pupillary distance (PD) and other key facial measurements for sizing frames during online shopping, seg height can now be included in an ecommerce retailer’s at-home, try-on experience.

Adding the crucial seg height measurement needed for progressives and other multifocal lenses reduces the potential for fitting errors that cause issues for the wearer. According to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of prescription lenses, 80% of the problems people have with progressives are caused by poor fit.

The highly specialized lenses cost between $150 and $250 on average, a significant investment for customers and costly for retailers when returned. This is an increasingly important market segment given that nearly everyone over the age of 45 is eventually affected by presbyopia, an age-related condition that makes it difficult to see things up close and the main reason people wear progressives.

Veero Co-Founder and CTO Stan German said the company developed the seg height feature in response to requests from eyewear retailers selling progressives online.

“Demand for progressives is growing as the population ages and people spend more time looking at screens,” he explained. “Once retailers saw how our virtual-fit technology delivered consistently precise PD along with other key measurements like nose bridge and face width, they were excited about the potential for adding seg height because it is so critical for getting progressive lenses right.”

Veero’s EyeSize seg height tool uses the company’s proprietary AI and computer-vision technology to capture the distance in millimeters from the center of the pupil to the bottom inside edge of the eyeglass frame. Accuracy is essential to determine where the corrective transitions occur in progressive lenses.

How Veero’s EyeSize seg height tool works:

  • The EyeSize virtual fit session launches within the online shopping experience, giving users the option to use the camera on their mobile device or computer.
  • iPhone users follow a few short prompts, then measurements automatically upload to continue the shopping experience. Android and computer users follow the same steps while holding a card for scale.
  • Precise facial measurements are uploaded automatically; the retailer site optimizes frame recommendations.
  • For progressive orders, frames are sent to the customer for home try-on and they use the seg height tool while wearing them.
  • Seg height is uploaded to the retailer automatically and added to the other facial measurements in the final purchase.
  • To protect users’ privacy, all video and sensor data stays on the user’s device and is destroyed at the end of the session.

Veero EyeSize demos including the new seg height tool can be coordinated at Veero will also show demos at Vision Expo West, September 27-30, Booth PAN2058.

About Veero™
Veero is a solutions company applying advanced AI, AR and computer-vision engineering to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The company was born out of the deep capabilities of its parent company, Charles River Analytics, a leading-edge research and development firm that creates human-centered intelligence systems. Although operating independently, Veero has the advantage of access to some of the most brilliant minds in AI, AR, and visionary software engineering. Both firms are headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Visit


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