Break The Web Tech Co. Launches Real-time, Machine-powered Internet Virality Scoreboard Enabled by Unique A.I. Partner Technology

Proprietary CT-X technology pairs with Large Language Models to synthesize current events in real time

Demonstration screenshots from the Break The Web app (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Break The Web Technology Co. announced today the debut of its real-time, machine-powered internet virality scoreboard, enabled by the company’s proprietary CT-X technology that pairs with Large Language Models to synthesize current events in real time.

Break The Web™, now available online and in the App Store, identifies the internet’s top trending topics and displays them in the BTW20™, a ranked virality scoreboard that lets users easily see what’s trending across the internet and explore a wide range of viewpoints on every topic. A forthcoming feature, called Slices, will offer feeds that highlight trends across user-defined datasets, such as subject or geography. The product is powered by the company’s CT-X software, a novel linguistic pattern recognition algorithm designed to sort and rank a database of web content by theme and virality in real time.

“We’ve built a data processing technology to break through the clutter of the digital world, one that can make it easy to see what matters online at any time and expose people to more perspectives on more topics more of the time,” said Jake Guernsey, Co-Founder and CEO of Break The Web Technology Co. “Opposing political views, world news, pop culture, viral memes, the ephemeral day-to-day obsessions of the internet — they’re all important because content is our culture now, and understanding the world means engaging with all of it. Break The Web is an attempt to smash all of our digital echo chambers, using a combination of powerful software and delightful user experience.”

Break The Web’s notable features include a deeply embedded ChatGPT integration that provides automatic A.I.-generated summaries for trending news stories and left-leaning vs. right-leaning sentiment analysis. It is a fully autonomous, highly scalable use of generative A.I. in the news vertical made possible by the company’s unique content grouping technology (CT-X).

“Large Language Models are astonishing tools, but they have structural limitations around current events because of the immense technical requirements to incorporate new training data,” said Cameron Carrett, Co-Founder and CTO of Break The Web Technology Co. “To activate the potential of generative A.I. in the news vertical, a partner technology like CT-X will likely be required to function as a large-scale prompt generation tool that knows what input values to feed an LLM about any topic, any time, for synthesis.”

Break The Web Technology Co. is an early-stage, privately held corporation that is continuing to build its platform technology and looking to engage with partners to explore additional applications of Break The Web™ and its underlying CT-X technology.

About Break The Web Technology Co.

Break The Web Technology Co. was founded in 2021 to create a news platform for the next generation—one that makes it insanely easy for people to catch up on what’s happening in the digital world, brings everyone to the same table in an age of echo chambers, and offers a news consumption experience that can compete in a social media world. The company’s proprietary trend analysis technology (CT-X) is a new linguistic pattern recognition algorithm that autonomously identifies trends within large web content databases in real time. Break The Web is available online and in the App Store. For more information on the company, visit:

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