IIWB Co-organizes Successful Charity Gala with Better World Fund in 76th Cannes Film Festival

(Photo: Business Wire)

CANNES, France--()--Cannes, known for its picturesque landscapes and the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, recently played host to another highly anticipated event. The Better World Found charity gala, jointly organized by a charitable organization and renowned movie stars, took place on May 21, 2023, at the iconic InterContinental Carlton Cannes. With the theme "The Power of Youth," the gala aimed to empower the younger generation and provide them with opportunities to shape a brighter future.

The International Institute of Well-Being (IIWB), a non-profit association headquartered in Paris, places emphasis on sharing resources and is dedicated to promoting sustainable social and environmental development, improving the well-being of individuals, and advancing technology and education. Madame Dr. Dazhun ZHANG, PhD in Psychology, Founder of the IIWB, and author of the book "Sagesse & Abondance," once said, "Love and gratitude are a state of being, without the need for an object or a reason.” With a strong focus on youth and a mission of pursuing well-being for humanity through charity, IIWB quickly became a co-organizer of the Better World Found charity gala. Emily Cheong, the Secretary-General and Grace Shi, the General-Director and Executive Member (and Spokesperson) of IIWB, led a delegation of important members to attend the event, showcasing the association's commitment.

Prominent figures, including international superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, Vice President of Brazil Célia Xakriabá, Secretary of State for Social Development of Brazil Osmar Almeida Junior, and respected Chief Raoni from the Mapuche tribe, graced the charity gala with their presence. In a relaxed and joyful ambiance, distinguished guests mingled with political leaders, business elites, and entertainment giants.

Emily Cheong, dressed in an elegant champagne-colored ensemble from her own brand Homolog Paris, took the stage as the Secretary-General of IIWB to present the Best Commitment Award to Arisa, a renowned Italian singer known for her unwavering dedication to social and environmental causes. Together, they celebrated this shining moment.

Looking ahead, IIWB will continue to play an active role. Members of IIWB participated in the Cannes Film Festival red carpet as film investors, demonstrating their support to young filmmakers and the industry as a whole. Moving forward, IIWB will intensify its focus on young filmmakers and contribute within its capabilities to the field of film production.