MEDIA ALERT: WEBINAR: Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment: Dr. David Clark on the Power of Measurement-Based Care

First event in the two-part educational series ‘Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment: Exploring the Power of Measurement-Based Care with Dr. David Clark’ is now open for registration.

TORONTO--()--Today, Greenspace Health announced a new educational partnership with Dr. David Clark, Professor Emeritus of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, Clinical Informatics Advisor at NHS Talking Therapies, and co-author of Thrive: The Power of Evidence-Based Psychological Therapies. Dr. David Clark and his colleagues led the development of the NHS Talking Therapies program (formerly known as IAPT), vastly improving the availability and quality of evidence-based psychological therapies across the UK. The NHS Talk Therapies program leveraged Measurement-Based Care (consistent outcome measurement) within a stepped-care treatment model to revolutionize the mental health service model within the UK. NHS Talking Therapies has received global recognition for its leadership in setting the standard for evidence-based mental health care and for improving the population’s overall mental health recovery rate.

Greenspace Health and Dr. David Clark’s webinar series consists of two live, virtual events. The first event, ‘Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment: Dr. David Clark on the Power of Measurement-Based Care ’ is now open for registration.

Key learnings:

  • Key learnings from NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT) implementation and outcome data
  • The economic case for MBC: Improved outcomes, cost savings, & increased productivity
  • Driving MBC forward at your organization: How to leverage outcome-data and engage all stakeholders

Dr. Clark reports “Measuring the outcomes of everyone treated in our routine services and learning from the data has vastly improved the effectiveness of our services and has unlocked much more investment in mental health”.

“Dr. Clark is one of the foremost leaders for MBC implementation globally and has invaluable insights, and groundbreaking experiences to share that will be priceless for clinical leaders and clinicians as they adopt MBC or work to innovate on their current clinical-processes,” said Jesse Hayman, Chief Growth Officer at Greenspace Health. “We are privileged to collaborate with Dr. Clark on this Measurement-Based Care educational series, and we’re excited about the immense value his insights will provide to clinical leaders and service providers.”

Event Details:
Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2023
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time
Link to Register - Live Event via Zoom


Greenspace transforms mental health systems by improving how mental healthcare is accessed, measured and delivered. Its Measurement Platform enables mental health providers and organizations to implement consistent, evidence-based measurement (often referred to as routine patient reported outcome measures or PROMs) into their practice. This model is proven to significantly impact patient results, while generating valuable data for organizations to improve care. Its Intake Module facilitates a more effective referral into mental health and addictions services. Greenspace’s Measurement Based Care solution has been implemented across community and private clinics, hospitals and healthcare systems, improving the patient experience and driving better coordinated care and outcomes. To learn more about Measurement Based Care (MBC), please visit


JoAnne Stayner