Disrupts Event Streaming with Introduction of Memphis Cloud to Accelerate Development of Real-time Applications in Multi-cloud Environments

Intelligent open source platform enables developers to get started with real-time data in less than five minutes; Company secures $5.5 million in seed funding from Angular Ventures, boldstart ventures and well-known technology leaders

TEL AVIV, Israel & PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Event streaming innovator today introduced Memphis Cloud, which builds on the highly successful Memphis open source project to enable a full serverless experience for enterprises with added security and features that provide easy-to-deploy, stateless stream processing at scale. These include Augmentation of Kafka clusters, built-in schema management, enforcement, and transformation; multi-tenancy for traffic isolation; use-based billing and true multi-cloud capabilities. Memphis Cloud is poised to disrupt the dominance of the combination of Kafka and Flink with an intelligent, frictionless message broker that enables the ultra-fast development of real-time applications for developers and data engineers.

Memphis also today announced it has secured $5.5 million in seed funding co-led by Angular Ventures and boldstart ventures, with participation from JFrog co-founder and CTO Fred Simon, Snyk co-founder Guy Podjarny, CircleCI CEO Jim Rose, co-founder David Mytton, and Priceline CTO Martin Brodbeck.

“The message broker market has been in need of innovation for years, and the vision and thoughtfulness with which the Memphis team is approaching it is truly inspiring,” said Gil Dibner, partner, Angular Ventures. “When we first met the Memphis team, they had already been hard at work for over a year - deeply committed to reinventing the event streaming paradigm from the ground up. For years, developers had been struggling to build ever more complex streaming architectures using fundamentally limited building blocks such as Kafka. The Memphis team had the ambition to completely reimagine what could be possible if the entire stack was reinvented, but the wisdom to design a solution that works seamlessly with legacy approaches.”

“The biggest problems we’ve heard from users of legacy event processing systems are the challenges with setting up clusters, managing them, and the huge costs associated with both those areas in dollars and resources,” said Shomik Ghosh, partner, boldstart ventures. “Yaniv, Avraham, Idan and Sveta blew us away with their thoughtfulness of building a message broker that could augment existing solutions as well as fully replace them with setup time in minutes and observability and cluster management a core part of the product from day one, drastically reducing the maintenance burden for developers.”

Building an Intelligent, Frictionless Message Broker

The core product is a message broker focused on the storage layer. The company is focused on product evolution with a roadmap including support for GitOps, automation enablement, and reconstructing select APIs so they can be modular and open, enabling the community to self-implement new ones as they are developed. Additional focus areas include multi-tenancy, partitions, and read-replicas. Memphis Cloud can easily run alongside Kafka, ensuring messages are delivered in order and without any loss, enabling data segregation and control, providing protocol flexibility and enhancing security.

“Cluster setup, fault tolerance, high availability, data replication, performance tuning, multitenancy, security, monitoring, and troubleshooting all are headaches everyone who has deployed traditional message broker platforms is familiar with,” said Torsten Volk, senior analyst, EMA. “Memphis however is incredibly simple so that I had my first Python app sending and receiving messages in less than 5 minutes.”

Message brokers need to evolve to handle the vast amount and complexity of events that occur, and must feature reliability; ease of management and scale and “Day 2” operations that help build real-time, stream-driven applications in minutes.

Key day two capabilities of Memphis Cloud include:

  • Augmenting Kafka clusters - providing the missing piece in modern stream processing with the ability to augment Kafka clusters;
  • Schemaverse - enabling built-in schema management, enforcement, and transformation to ensure data quality as our data gets complicated and branched;
  • Multi-tenancy - offering the perfect solution for users of SaaS platforms who want to isolate traffic between their customers;
  • Serverless experience - providing pay-as-you-use, and the ability to scale to trillions of events without any concern to the infrastructure; and,
  • True multi-cloud - creating primary instances on GCP, and a replica on AWS.

“The world is asynchronous and built out of events. Message brokers are the engine behind their flow in the modern software architecture, and when we looked at the bigger picture and the role message brokers play, we immediately understood that the modern message broker should be much more intelligent and by far with much less friction,” said Yaniv Ben Hemo, co-founder and CEO, Memphis. “With that insight, we built which takes five minutes on average for a user to get to production and start building queue-based applications and distributed streaming pipelines.”

Product Availability

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Founded by experienced developers in 2022, is on a mission to build the next generation alternative to traditional message brokers. The company is privately-held and backed by well-known, developer-first venture firms boldstart ventures and Angular Ventures. For more information, visit


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