Entre Launches Communities, a new Slack and Discord alternative

Entre Communities (Graphic: Business Wire)

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Entre, the professional network built for the future of work, is excited to unveil Communities, an innovative new feature set to revolutionize the way professionals connect, collaborate, and engage with each other. As a community-driven platform, Entre is already challenging LinkedIn's position in the professional networking arena and now aims to disrupt the likes of Slack and Discord as well.

Communities is a cutting-edge feature within Entre that empowers users to discover and join groups of like-minded individuals in their industry or create their own unique communities. These groups serve as hubs for sharing information, asking questions, and collaborating on projects, fostering meaningful connections and opportunities.

Entre already has over 400 Communities live on the Communities Discovery with another 500 on its waitlist and it is already partnering with large creators, communities and even companies to either migrate their existing community on Discord, Clubhouse, or Slack to Entre to build a new community with the features they’ve been looking for.

Some of the Top Communities that have already growing rapidly on Entre include:
David Meltzer’s Community
Tech Careers
Human Behavior
Online Income Network
Polygon Community

In contrast to LinkedIn Groups, Entre Communities are designed for enhanced interactivity and engagement with features such as community posts, channels, threads, and reactions. Users can effortlessly find and join groups tailored to their interests, while also creating and managing their own communities. This offers a more personalized and impactful networking experience that reflects the changing dynamics of the digital workplace.

Entre is also currently building advanced features within Communities such as paid channels to allow creators to monetize their audience and AI matchmaking for connecting other users who are part of the same communities to further enhance networking opportunities.

Communities is now available to all users and Entre is available for free on the App Store, Google Play, and on its website, joinentre.com.

About Entre:

Entre is an Austin, Texas based professional networking platform, launched in 2019 to provide a more community focused alternative to existing professional networking apps. Entre empowers individuals and companies to easily connect and work with the people and resources they need to succeed in the modern workplace, to learn more visit www.joinentre.com.


Michael Marra


Michael Marra