Sanofi Announces Launch of AVAXIM® Junior in the UK for Active Immunisation Against Infection Caused by the Hepatitis A Virus in Children Aged 12 Months to 15 Years

READING, England--()--Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN and NASDAQ: SNY) has today announced the launch of AVAXIM® Junior in the UK, an inactive hepatitis A vaccine indicated for use in children aged 12 months to 15 years inclusive to prevent infection caused by the hepatitis A virus.1 The vaccination schedule consists of two vaccine doses injected by the intramuscular route 6 months to 36 months apart but can be given up to 7 years apart.1

This launch was based on data from 20 clinical studies in 14 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, involving more than 6,200 children aged 12 months to 15 years who have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the context of a clinical trial.2 The data show that AVAXIM Junior is effective in inducing a protective antibody response within two weeks in over 95% of individuals, and in nearly 100% before the booster dose administered six months after the first dose.3

Rebecca Catterick, UK and Ireland Sanofi Vaccines General Manager, said:

“Hepatitis A is one of the most prevalent travel-related vaccine-preventable diseases, so the availability of effective options like AVAXIM Junior will offer parents peace of mind knowing that they can help protect their children when travelling to high-risk areas.”

Hepatitis A is one of the most common vaccine-preventable, viral infections worldwide

Hepatitis A, caused by the hepatitis A virus, is primarily transmitted through contaminated food and water or by direct contact with an infectious person.4 Incidence of the disease is closely related to socio-economic conditions, so it is most prevalent in developing countries with poor sanitary conditions and hygiene practices.4,5 It is the most common form of viral hepatitis6 and the third most common vaccine-preventable infection among travelers.7


About AVAXIM® 80U Paediatric

AVAXIM Junior is indicated for active immunisation against infection caused by the hepatitis A virus in children aged 12 months to 15 years inclusive. It can be used for both primary and booster vaccination and should be given according to official recommendations.1

Most commonly observed side effects include pain at the injection site, a general feeling of discomfort or being unwell (malaise), headache and abnormal crying.1,3 Most reactions were limited to the first few days following vaccination with spontaneous recovery.1,3

AVAXIM Junior is a ready-to-use suspension for injection containing 80 antigen units of inactivated hepatitis A virus and is available in 0.5ml unidoses of suspension in pre-filled syringes with attached needles.1

About Sanofi

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Quiterie Mertian
UK & Ireland Sanofi Vaccines Communications Manager
+44 (0) 7740 935 217


Quiterie Mertian
UK & Ireland Sanofi Vaccines Communications Manager
+44 (0) 7740 935 217