The 3rd New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards Was Announced, Jean Lee Won the Best Actor and Xiaoran Li Won the Best Actress

NEW ERA INTERNATIONAL TV FESTIVAL Ammolite Awards Li XiaoRan and Ge You (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--On the evening of March 31, the SAIC Viloran Night Award Ceremony of the 3rd New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards was held in Macau, and all the awards were announced on the spot. "The Long River" won 5 awards for Best Director, Best Producer, Best Supporting Actor, Best Ancient Costume Teleplay and Most Influential Actress, and "The Story of Xing Fu" got 3 awards for Best Teleplay, Best Director and Best Realistic Theme Teleplay.

Among the acting awards that drew much attention from fans, Jean Lee won Best Leading Actor, Xiaoran Li won Best Leading Actress, Xiaolei Huang won Best Supporting Actress, and Ke Su won Best Supporting Actor. Lyric Lan won the Most Popular Actress and Jianci Tan took the Most Popular Actor to home. Other awards also had their own winners.

"The Long River" Won Five Awards And Became the Biggest Winner

The competition for the 3rd New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards is for Chinese-language teleplays that aired on mainstream TV stations and video websites in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao from Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2022.

Jianbin Chen, a famous actor and director, served as the chairman of the jury, and Jinsong Wang and other 23 famous film and television professionals served as the expert judges. Many famous actors and actresses were present, You Ge, Zhizhong Huang, Jinsong Wang, Shaohua Ma, Chenggong Zhang, Hanlin Gong, Hairong Tian, Jun Wen, Baiming Huang, Yufang Wu, Huimin Tao, Xiaoran Li, Jean Lee, Xiaolei Huang, Ke Su, Lyric Lan, Ting Zhang, Xuesong Liu, Yao Yuzhu, Cheng Taishen, Feng Lei, Fan Ming, Li Kun, Sun Qian, Yang Lina, Zhou Still, Yiran Zhou, Zehan Ma, Yongxi Liu, Zihua Zhao, Xuan Zhou, Yuhang Du and so on. Fan Ming and Li Kun served as hosts.

The teleplay "The Story of Xing Fu" won Best Teleplay and Best Realistic Theme Teleplay, while its directors Xiaolong Zheng, Xuesong Liu and Yuan Yao won Best Director. When Xuesong Liu received the award, he thanked director Xiaolong Zheng and the producer for their trust in him, and finally said, "May happiness be like the sunshine spreading to thousands of families."

"The Long River" won five awards: Best Producer, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Ancient Costume Teleplay and Most Influential Actress. Yuzhu Yao, the producer of the teleplay, thanked all the crews, judges and viewers of the teleplay, with special thanks to Ting Zhang and the lead actors including Zhizhong Huang, Jin Luo and Fang Yin, "Just now Mr. Gong said that producers are like mothers, and I think I'm really like a mother in ‘The Long River’, and I walk with my team every step of the way!"

When accepting the award on stage, director Zhang Ting said he hoped the show would let the audience know how many people had sacrificed their lives to control the Yellow River. "When we were telling the story, everyone was moved, and so many excellent actors came here," he said.

Jean Lee Won the Best Actor And Xiaoran Li Won the Best Actress

Jean Lee won the Best Leading Actor for his outstanding performance in the teleplay "The Lord of Losers". In his speech, he first said that he was very excited to meet Jinsong Wang and Zhizhong Huang, and that he was very lucky to win this award. In addition, he also thanked the director Zheng Wei and all the crew members, "I hope to bring you more screen images with more vitality and artistic expression in the future!"

Xiaoran Li in "Because of Love" as a single mother Jing Tan, with excellent acting skills especially wonderful crying scene, won the New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards for Best Leading Actress. When she received the award on stage, she said, "I think a work is never the effort of one person. I am not a professional in acting, so I would like to thank my colleagues, my teachers, directors, producers and actors who have helped me over the years. I hope I can go further, and I will take this award as the best encouragement and spur for me!"

Ke Su, who won the Best Supporting Actor for his role as Zhenjia Yu in "The Long River", said happily, "What a wonderful night! I am so happy to receive this award!" For this, he thanked many people, especially director Ting Zhang, "It is the director who wrote this very typical character, which is rarely seen in other films and television works. Besides, it was he who developed the vivid, plump image of Zhenjia Yu."

Xiaolei Huang won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role as Chunyan Qiao in "A Lifelong Journey". "I'm really happy," she said in her emotional acceptance speech. "I've been acting in teleplays for more than 20 years, but this is the first time I've won an award, thanks to the Ammolite Awards! Just now I looked carefully at this trophy, this is ancient marine life and there are a lot of light, I am just one of the light, there are a lot of supporting actors in ‘A Lifelong Journey’ very wonderful, so this award is also on behalf of all the actors in ‘A Lifelong Journey’, whether leading or supporting, we emit the light together."

Crystal Liu and Xiao Chen won the award, "A Dream of Splendor" swept the award for Best Ancient Costume Actor And Actress

In the competition for the ancient costume teleplay acting awards, the acclaimed female costume inspirational teleplay "A Dream of Splendor" became the biggest victory, with actress Crystal Liu winning Best Ancient Costume Actress and actor Xiao Chen winning Best Ancient Costume Actor.

Crystal Liu played Pan’er Zhao in "A Dream of Splendor", and her increasingly mature acting skills well illustrate the character's self-reliance and generosity. Xiao Chen in the "A Dream of Splendor" played as Qianfan Gu, the deputy minister of the "Huang Cheng Si", also won a lot of audience love.

Lyric Lan won the Most Popular Actress for her role in "Time Seems to Have Forgotten". Because the host Ming Fan once acted as her teacher in the film, she said to Ming Fan happily when accepting the award, "Teacher, I win the award! Macau is really a lucky place for me. My first award in life was won in Macao for Best Supporting Actress." Jianci Tan won the Most Popular Actor for "Under the Skin".

Young actor Yiran Zhou won Best New Actor for his role in "Twenty Your Life On 2", while actress Yiran Zhou also won Best New Actress for her role in "Song of Life". That night, they all went to the scene to receive the great honor.

In addition, Meijuan Xi won the Most Influential Actress with "The Long River", she could not make it to the award ceremony for some reason and recorded a VCR to express her gratitude. Baoguo Chen won the Most Influential Actor with the "The Examination for Everyone". Other awards also had their own winners.

Ammolite Awards helps to spread and promote Chinese Teleplays overseas

The New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards is a teleplays selection activity jointly organized by mainstream media in Hong Kong and Macao, with the strategic support from the China Entertainment Industry Academy, the China Film Research Institute and the China City Development Academy.

The 1st New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards was held in Macao in December 2019, and selected the Top 10 Teleplays, Top 10 Teleplays Directors, Top 10 TV Teleplay Screenwriters, Top 10 Teleplay Actors, Top 10 Teleplay Actresses, Top 10 Teleplay Songs and other awards since the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. The 2nd New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards was held in Macao in December 2021, selecting the national outstanding teleplays, directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The 3rd New Era International TV Festival Ammolite Awards began to select the annual outstanding teleplays and television crews. As a young Chinese teleplay award, the award is headquartered in Macao. The organizer will give full play to Macao's geographical advantages and the "one country, two systems" policy. With the help of the central government's policies to support the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it will promote the spread of Chinese teleplays overseas and strengthen the cultural exchanges between Chinese teleplays and countries around the world.