Crisp and Promomash Announce Breakthrough Integration for Trade Spend Performance and Analysis

For the first time, emerging CPG brands can access actual product sales, shipment and trade spend data within a single platform to inform better decision-making and improve profitability

NEW YORK--()--Crisp, the open data collaboration platform for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, distributors and retailers, and Promomash, the trade promotion and field marketing management software and services platform, today announced an exclusive partnership to provide a new, integrated solution that will revolutionize how CPG brands understand their retail trade spend. For the first time, emerging CPG brand management teams will have access to their "plan vs. actual" trade spend performance – including sales lift and profitability – all within the Promomash platform.

Prior to Crisp’s new integration with Promomash, CPG brands needed to manually download actual sales data from separate retailer portals for each customer and then integrate the data into trade promotion management systems or spreadsheets. This required significant effort and time. Additionally, brands needed to subscribe to additional services to understand if any lift to actual sales occurred from promotions, often with at least a month’s delay in receiving the data.

Brands will automatically receive a feed of sales, shipment, and other customer data within the Promomash trade promotion management platform. The integration of Crisp’s data feed into Promomash’s UI and reports brings together actual trade spend and promotional insights into a comprehensive, real-time view, with minimal effort and without the need for manual data transfers. This empowers CPG brands with the insights needed to efficiently optimize limited trade spend dollars, make more strategic business decisions, and monitor and adjust against planned spend when needed.

“Our innovative solution with Crisp disrupts how trade spend planning and analysis is done,” said Yuval Selik, CEO and co-founder of Promomash. “Over 72% of promotions are not effective in the U.S. and over 80% of brands will fail while promoting at the shelf. With Crisp’s actual sales data available and refreshed daily into Promomash, CPG brands can understand, estimate, and verify their trade spend performance, allowing them to make wiser and more informed promotion strategies with daily actuals visible all in one platform.”

“Promotions are one of the most expensive investments that emerging brands can make. This partnership with Promomash brings unprecedented visibility into trade spend performance for emerging CPG brands,” said Are Traasdahl, CEO and Founder, Crisp. “These brands can now access the data they need to understand their trade spend more effectively and efficiently, enabling them to make continuous improvements and stay competitive.”

The ability to access actual product sales, shipment and trade spend data within a single platform is already improving the visibility and the efficiency of promotional planning for emerging brands. Several CPG brands are currently using the new solution, including Brad's Raw Foods, a plant-based snack brand that is scaling for rapid growth at retail locations across the U.S.

“Here at Brad’s, it’s important to not only measure the success of our promotions but to learn from them in order to inform our promotional planning going forward. This is where Promomash and Crisp are even more powerful together,” explained Nicholas Prastos, Director of Sales & Operations at Brad’s Raw Foods. “I’ve attempted to build many individual customer dashboards to try to achieve this – but to have all the data in one place, waiting for me is a game-changer to better, faster decision-making. It’s a seamless connection that allows us to determine what is a profitable promotion and what isn't, all with the click of a button.”

As an updated subscription for current Promomash users, the Crisp data integration will be included in the Promomash 360 plan that includes field marketing, deduction management and trade promotion.

To learn more about the partnership, register for the webinar that will be held on Thursday, November 3 at 2pm EST here:

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