Introducing Livara, An Orthopedic Care Management System for Payors, Providers and Health Systems To Unify the Patient Experience and Transition to Value-Based Care

Livara’s owned and operated SpineZone clinics will continue to provide musculoskeletal support throughout Southern California

SAN DIEGO--()--Today, orthopedic whole health company Livara announced its launch as an interdisciplinary orthopedic care management system working with payors, providers, and health systems to mend the gaps in musculoskeletal (MSK) care. Livara’s owned and operated clinics under the SpineZone brand will continue to operate in Southern California and expand to full musculoskeletal support, including treatment of the shoulder, hip and knee, in addition to its existing specialty in the spine.

Livara partners with leading payors, providers and health systems to navigate the complex biopsychosocial needs of MSK patients before, during and after they seek care. By offering virtual access to comprehensive care – including real time physical therapy coaching, mindfulness, nutrition, pain psychology and addiction services – Livara helps payors reduce unnecessary utilization, providers grow their patient base and improve access with a hybrid clinical model, and patients get the care they need, when and where they need it.

“We believe our system is more powerful and scalable on its own than solely tied to our in-person clinics,” said Kian Raiszadeh, CEO and Co-Founder of Livara and SpineZone. “Livara’s elevated model has proven to help payors, providers, and health systems in transformative ways, optimizing for quality care, cost, clinical efficiency, and referrals. Our unified, cohesive care continuum benefits all parties, most importantly patients who seek orthopedic care.”

Based on 15 years of clinical research and development, the technology platform that is now Livara has helped SpineZone drive 17% growth in patient volume in 2022 by offering its suite of care modules for physical therapists and orthopedic providers. With this launch, Livara looks forward to bringing these same capabilities to payors and providers across the country.

“The barrier to true value-based care in musculoskeletal conditions is the complete fragmentation of care delivered to the patient,” added Raiszadeh. “With Livara, the patient has a fully integrated pathway through their care that includes ongoing maintenance support to stay healthy long after injury. It brings everyone together in one place, and the Livara system guides the journey from there.”

The launch of Livara formalizes the company’s dynamic orthopedic technology model which was built off of learnings from its clinics. The automated decision support system predicts and qualifies the clinical risk factors to have the biggest impact on the patient’s recovery, such as patient activity, body habits, core muscle strength, function, general habits, medication usage, muscular weakness and imbalance, nerve irritation, pain level and posture. Based on a continuous flow of data from the patient and clinician, the Livara care team is able to quickly make adjustments to its treatment course based on progress, or lack thereof.

SpineZone, which has maintained a 94 net promoter score with patients, will serve as the standard of care for Livara’s future clinical affiliations with clinics throughout the U.S., and inform Livara’s comprehensive clinical model.

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About Livara

Livara is an interdisciplinary orthopedic whole health company driven by a mission to eliminate all unnecessary suffering from musculoskeletal pain and guide patients to a better quality of life. Livara partners with payors, providers and health systems to deliver comprehensive, non-operative orthopedic treatment rooted in the biopsychosocial philosophy of care. Livara’s technology system is powered by a continuous flow of data and machine learning to yield more tangible outcomes reflective of a patient’s individual needs. The company treats patients both virtually and in-person through its network of owned and operated SpineZone clinics across Southern California.


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