New Whisp Patent Approval Establishes the New Standard for Opt In

Steven Doumar, a successful entrepreneur in the Telecommunications industry, launches exciting new top of funnel technology,

MIAMI--(), founded by Steven Doumar, just received approval for a new patent protecting its unique method of opting in new potential leads to your funnel. Having filed more than 27 Patents with several approvals, Whisp is trying to set a new standard for data acquisition when consumers choose to opt in to a special offer.

With this new patent approval, Whisp is setting the foundation for the action that occurs when a consumer initiates a call to action and it engages their phone sms platform to send a response. The call to action could be pressing a button, scanning a qr, or tapping an image. This simplified action of opting in a prospective client is entirely TCPA compliant and creates a very comfortable consumer experience.

While marketing agencies are getting better at designing creative ways to drive the traffic, building a reason for people to actually fill out a form fill has remained the most elusive part of the marketing process. Whisp guarantees you an accurate cell phone number with every opt-in, and enriches the data with several other fields while remaining completely TCPA compliant.

Doumar learned the hard way with a previous business, R360 Network, that if the value isn’t delivered the right way, your offer can be misunderstood and even appear to be deceptive in its reason for capturing lead data. Having suffered an unfortunate loss of his brother to drug abuse, Steve attempted to build a service for people suffering with drug addiction to find access to a free consultation and were then guided to a treatment center at no cost to them.

The effort was well intended, but driving traffic to this particular demographic can be seen by some to be an amazing blessing, and by others to be predatory. Even with zero complaints and partnering with influencers like Ken Seeley, who built a legacy helping victims of substance abuse, R360 Network failed to produce the right energy to make the offer profitable.

Simplifying the opportunity for people to Opt In to his amazing opportunity to seek help was challenging using the vehicle of a call center, and ultimately led to the closure of the business. With the launch of, companies in nearly any vertical can truly simplify the opportunity to opt people into an offer without any appearance of suspicious business practices.

If your business is looking for a legitimate way to deliver value to prospective clients and feed the top of your marketing funnel, check out today! Delivering value and maintaining a clear vision of your intentions has never been easier.


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Todd Westra, 435-513-5282