Aether Biomachines and Allonnia Announce Partnership to Engineer Breakthrough Biological Solutions to Degrade PFAS and Other Harmful Environmental Toxins

Exclusive partnership to accelerate the removal of harmful toxins from the environment to help improve global human health

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--Aether Biomachines, a nanotechnology company building a future of abundance, and Allonnia LLC, the bio-ingenuity company dedicated to extracting value where others see waste, today announced an exclusive partnership to design enzymes to sustainably remove harmful perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the environment. The partnership leverages Aether and Allonnia’s existing technologies that are uniquely capable of degrading PFAS to drastically improve environmental health for millions of people across the world.

At Aether, we have prioritized environmental detoxification for better human health and are engineering breakthrough solutions that will finally allow the removal of harmful toxins from our environment,” commented Pavle Jeremic, Founder and CEO of Aether Biomachines. “Aether is proud to partner with Allonnia to develop these novel, natural solutions and improve the lives of everyone, everywhere.”

Allonnia, a company solving the world’s toughest waste problems using transformational biological solutions, has set its sights on developing a complete package for PFAS remediation. Allonnia is currently deploying Surface Active Foam Fractionation®, or SAFF®, a groundbreaking sustainable separation and concentration technology which removes PFAS compounds to below detectable limits. Combining this technology with a biological degradation solution is the next step in a holistic solution. Aether’s work will complement Allonnia’s biological development efforts to uncover a breakthrough solution for this challenging toxin.

The partnership will focus on developing enzymatic solutions for sustainable in-situ and ex-situ remediation of PFAS in soil, groundwater, and drinking water. Current soil PFAS remediation technologies are both costly and inefficient, and there is no cost-effective way to treat groundwater plumes contaminated with PFAS. Additionally, an estimated 200 million Americans are exposed to drinking water with toxic PFAS, and existing drinking water detoxification approaches require filtration, concentration, and degradation. Aether and Allonnia’s enzymatic solutions for soil PFAS remediation will be efficient and reduce the material cost of treatments.

PFAS degradation poses a challenging problem with no scalable alternatives today, and we are proud to partner with Aether to develop enzymatic solutions,” said Nicole Richards, CEO of Allonnia. “I believe that Aether and Allonnia are uniquely positioned to achieve the technical breakthroughs needed to develop a sustainable and definitive solution to PFAS contamination around the world.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Allonnia will provide Aether with funding throughout all phases of the partnership. The biological solutions will be designed for use across multiple applications to degrade PFAS.

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Aether is building a future of abundance for humankind in a post-scarcity world. Powered by one of the world's highest throughput robotic protein expression and screening laboratories, the company is generating data on scales previously not possible to feed deep AI algorithms. Aether’s platform uses nanotechnology to custom engineer novel, natural proteins into general-purpose atomic assemblers that can synthesize new molecules from commonly found chemicals, unlocking materials, therapeutics, products and environmental strategies previously unimaginable. Visit to learn more about how Aether is catalyzing the next industrial revolution.

About Allonnia

Allonnia is a bio-ingenuity company dedicated to extracting value where others see waste. We believe elegant solutions to the world’s biggest problems will be found in the world’s smallest organisms. We’re pioneering novel approaches and imaginative combinations in biotechnology and engineering to solve waste challenges in nature, using nature. To learn more visit


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Aether Biomachines and Allonnia announce partnership.

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