Parentis Health Hospice Receives Outstanding Nine Star Rating from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.--()--Parentis Health, a healthcare company focusing on senior care and headquartered in Laguna Hills, received a nine-star rating from CMS’s Hospice Care Index (HCI). The HCI rating is a single measure comprised of several, equally weighted, indicators calculated from Medicare claims data, which represent different aspects of hospice service.

Parentis Health attributes its high rating to several different factors – including the exceptional quality and experience of its clinical staff, its strong focus on ethical considerations, and its compliance structure – which includes a Compliance Officer who is also an experienced Registered Nurse.

According to Tarek A. El Nabli, the founder and CEO of Parentis Health, this structure is not typical. “It was very important to me that all of Parentis Health divisions were run by clinicians who really understood patient care. Our hospice Compliance Officer and Vice President of Operations both have strong clinical backgrounds, although typically such roles are held by attorneys or quality assurance managers. Our hospice leadership works closely with their teams, focusing on providing quality of life and dignity for our patients and their families while under our care. We are thankful that CMS recognizes our consistent efforts to put the needs of our patients first.”

The Parentis Health hospice division prides itself on:

  • its highly experienced team that focuses on high acuity, complex medical cases
  • low hospitalization rates due to frequent visits from physicians and nurse practitioners
  • proven quality of service and a low revocation rate
  • robust compliance and quality assurance processes
  • a clinical care team for crises management
  • and standardized checking and reporting process for admissions and discharges
  • its bereavement and grief programs for family members.

The HCI measure report identifies how many points a hospice receives based on several indicators of care. The sum of points earned from meeting each criterion results in the final HCI score. The Parentis Health Hospice received its points from the following:

  • General in-patient care and continuous home care, sometimes known as crisis care
  • Gaps in nursing visits – none
  • Early live discharges – none or minimal
  • Late live discharges – none or minimal
  • No burdensome transitions, types 1 and 2
  • Nurse care minutes per routine home care days
  • Skilled nursing minutes on weekends
  • Number of visits near death

Tarek El Nabli founded Parentis Health in 2003 after many years as an executive leader in insurance and the financial planning industries, when he found it was difficult identifying quality care for his own mother. Parentis Health, which started out as a small number of residential care facilities, continuously expanded its services, adding home health and hospice divisions in 2014, along with home care and non-emergency medical transport.

For more information, contact the company via its website form, call 1-833-247-9111, or follow it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


Media contact:
Masha V. Petrova

Release Summary

Parentis Health, a senior healthcare company, received a nine-star rating on the CMS Hospice Care Index, measuring multiple aspects of hospice care.


Media contact:
Masha V. Petrova