DKT WomanCare Strengthens Contraceptive Portfolio Through Global Partnership with Key IUD Manufacturer

DKT WomanCare will partner with Pregna International Ltd. to increase access to affordable, high-quality IUDs worldwide

WASHINGTON--()--WomanCare Global Trading CIC (DKT WomanCare) and Pregna International Ltd. (Pregna) announce a partnership to increase the availability of intrauterine contraceptives worldwide. Through this partnership, a variety of Pregna’s best-in-class IUDs will be included in DKT WomanCare’s global product portfolio, providing a one-stop reproductive health (RH) shop for governments, bilateral agencies, commercial partners, and social marketing organizations of all stripes.

“We are pleased to announce our collaboration with a high-quality partner in Pregna,” says Jacques-Antoine Martin, Managing Director of DKT WomanCare. “This initiative is a win-win for both organizations as we leverage each other’s strengths and help women and girls around the world improve their lives.”

DKT WomanCare is part of DKT International, one of the largest providers of family planning products and services worldwide. With a distribution network across more than 100 countries, DKT WomanCare is already one of the largest suppliers of contraceptives to the UNFPA and sells products to governments, aid agencies, multilateral organizations, and commercial partners. This partnership will add IUDs to a global and diverse family planning portfolio that already includes contraceptive implants, injectables, condoms, and various oral tablet formulations.

“Assembling a diverse yet comprehensive product portfolio is very important to us and to our customers,” adds Martin. “Including IUDs alongside any other high-quality contraceptive bolsters the value we bring to customers by giving them simple, streamlined access to high-quality products at good prices. Our goal is to make the DKT WomanCare platform the place for family planning programs to procure contraceptive products.”

This “platform” approach is more important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as millions of women experienced disruptions in how they access and use contraception. DKT WomanCare and partners like Pregna are building robust, resilient supply chains through a coordinated approach to preparing, shipping, and fulfilling orders. With the pandemic lingering in countries with low vaccination rates, agility and readiness will be key in meeting the needs of governments and other programs delivering services in difficult circumstances.

“Pregna and DKT have a long history together, and this partnership is an extension of our mutual trust,” says Mukul Taparia, Managing Director of Pregna Ltd. “This partnership synergizes on the respective strengths of our two organizations: through DKT WomanCare, we are reaching new countries, new customer channels, and in turn, more women. Pregna has always valued helping women live healthier, more fulfilling lives, and this partnership shows that commitment.”

About Pregna International Ltd:

Founded in 1991, Pregna specializes in research, development and manufacturing of intrauterine contraception and treatments. Pregna products—including more than a dozen intrauterine devices, the Eloira intrauterine system (IUS), a tubal ring, a device to treat precancerous cervical lesions (Cryopop), Dr. Burkes ESM Uterine Balloon Tamponade—reach women in 140 countries around the world. Pregna’s IUD products are prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

About DKT WomanCare:

With a distribution footprint in over 100 countries, DKT WomanCare sold nearly 2.2 million contraceptive implants and over 250,000 aspirators and 1.5 million cannulae in 2020. DKT is expanding its portfolio to include Pregna IUDs, injectables, condoms, contraceptive pills, and other innovative pregnancy-prevention methods.


Katherine Ladner

Release Summary

DKT WomanCare to increase access to affordable, high-quality IUDs worldwide by partnering with Pregna International Ltd, a key IUD manufacturer.


Katherine Ladner