Healthvana Passes 25 Million Covid-19 Digital Test Results and Digital Vaccination Records Delivered Across the United States

Millions use Apple Wallet and Google Pay to securely store and show Covid-related health records

Example Healthvana mobile phone Covid-19 test results and vaccination records. (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Healthvana, a HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform used by healthcare providers such as cities, counties, labs, skilled nursing facilities, employers, schools, and clinics to manage and communicate with their patient populations, recently surpassed 25 million Covid-19 test results and Covid-19 vaccination records delivered across 21 states.

Since 2015 Healthvana’s evidence-based communication platform has helped underserved populations manage their health - leading to better patient outcomes at a lower cost for healthcare providers. The company initially focused on helping end HIV - delivering tens of millions of notifications and health records between healthcare providers and their patients at risk of acquiring or living with HIV.

In April of 2020, Healthvana expanded its platform to address Covid-19. The company’s Covid-related work has been featured on Fox Business, BBC, The New York Times, NPR, CNBC, and Bloomberg. Healthvana’s milestones include:



1st Covid-19 test result delivered


1 million Covid-19 test results


Digital contact tracing feature to help slow the spread via anonymous exposure notifications (Public Health Leaders Take Another Swing at Contact Tracing)


1st in the U.S. to provide digital Covid-19 vaccination records in Apple Wallet (Fox Business Interview)





1 out of 18 Covid-19 PCR tests in the country delivered by Healthvana


10 million Covid-19 test results and vaccination records


Google collaboration to deliver 1st digital vaccination record in their wallet (Healthvana Launches Nation’s First Covid-19 Digital Vaccination Record For Android™ Users)


Covid-19 test results available to add to Apple and Google wallets


25 million Covid-19 test results + vaccination records across 21 states

“We’re honored to continue playing a role during this difficult time. We appreciate the dedicated healthcare provider partners we’ve worked with to help millions of patients across the country,” said CEO Ramin Bastani. “Our team believes in empowering patients with easy-to-access and actionable health information at their fingertips - and crossing 25 million Covid-19 records delivered with a 95% patient satisfaction rate shows a glimpse of what 21-century public health can look like.”

About Healthvana

Healthvana is a HIPAA-compliant, mobile-friendly patient communication platform used by healthcare providers to help manage and communicate with their patient populations. Healthvana delivers actionable health information including test results, health records, targeted messaging, reminders, and much more to patients - delivering better care at lower costs.

Since 2015 Healthvana has specialized in improving patient access for underserved populations, and the company is the leading software platform in HIV/sexual health (the most sensitive data under HIPAA) and now for Covid-19. The company has been featured at the White House, the National Library of Medicine, and many universities such as Stanford.

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Gabriella Palmeri


Gabriella Palmeri