Carbon Health Launches Service to Securely Collect and Store Sensitive Employee COVID-19 Information

Carbon Health is the first healthcare provider in the U.S. to offer a fully HIPAA-compliant solution for managing employee vaccination, testing, and exemption information

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Carbon Health, a leading national healthcare provider, announced today the launch of a fully integrated HIPAA-compliant solution that securely and seamlessly enables businesses to comply with current and upcoming COVID vaccination mandates by collecting, storing, and facilitating reporting of sensitive employee vaccination and testing information. Carbon Health is the first healthcare provider to offer such a solution in the United States, facilitating compliance and downstream medical services through a trusted third party with expertise in handling and managing medical information.

In early September, the Biden Administration announced that it would require the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop a rule mandating COVID-19 vaccines or testing for all “large employers.” The anticipated rule will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work. This mandate places a large burden on employers because there are significant penalties associated with non-compliance.

Employers that will be required to comply with this rule are scrambling to determine how to store and track vaccine and testing status of hundreds of employees. Additionally, many don’t want to directly manage their employees’ health information due to security and access issues, which is where Carbon Health comes in,” said Eren Bali, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Health. “We are a trusted healthcare provider that securely manages personal health data — including vaccination and testing — for millions of patients. We are also fully integrated, meaning we can intake vaccination status (or testing results) and exemption status in one app instead of piecing it together from several different sources like other software solutions do.”

This platform integrates the Carbon Health mobile app with a customized enterprise dashboard that allows employers to easily visualize and manage vaccination and testing compliance of their employees, as well as collect and store documentation provided by employees related to exemptions. Employers can also use this dashboard to communicate with their employees. Through one easy-to-use and seamless mobile experience, employees are able to report vaccine status, and report weekly testing results. From this data, the Carbon Health app allows the employee to display their compliance status through a Health Pass for visual inspection or QR code validation. Carbon Health securely manages this information on behalf of the employer while maintaining privacy through separation of sensitive health information from traditional employee record-keeping systems.

Since early 2020, when Carbon Health was among the first healthcare providers in the nation to diagnose a locally transmitted COVID-19 case, it has launched multiple initiatives in response to the pandemic and developed COVID-specific expertise. Such initiatives include wide-scale testing and vaccination programs in partnership with local governments like the City of Los Angeles and companies like Amazon Studios, resulting in more than a million tests and more than a million vaccines administered; a Clinical Trial Program currently focused on testing various COVID-19 therapies; and COVID Positive Care, a first-of-its-kind program that gives anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 access to comprehensive care, monitoring, and education. Carbon Health also launched COVID Ready, a first-of-its-kind program that utilizes a mobile-first platform and allows businesses to oversee a safe return to the workplace.

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About Carbon Health

Carbon Health is a leading national healthcare provider with a mission to bring high-quality healthcare to everyone. Carbon Health provides primary and urgent care that is accessible to nearly two-thirds of the U.S. Leveraging its unique technology platform, Carbon Health provides its patients with omnichannel care, designed to meet patients where they are by delivering care via a variety of access points, including in-person clinics, home-based care, hardware, on-site employer-based care, and virtually via the Carbon Health app. Carbon Health also provides value-based care to enterprise partners across a broad range of industries, including academia, sports, entertainment, biotechnology, and travel.

Founded in 2015, Carbon Health is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Atreides, Blackstone Horizon, Dragoneer Investment Group, Brookfield Technology Partners (BTP), Fifth Wall, Lux Capital, Silver Lake Waterman, DCVC, and Builders VC. To access Carbon Health, download the app (iTunes or Google Play) or visit


Lindsey Whitehouse


Lindsey Whitehouse