Introducing Grammarly for Developers: New Text Editor SDK Powers Effective Communication in Any Web Application

Grammarly for Developers cements the company as the most comprehensive platform helping people communicate effectively, brings advanced writing suggestions to more interfaces

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Grammarly, the company powering effective communication for 30,000 teams and 30 million people daily, announced the launch of Grammarly for Developers. With Grammarly’s Text Editor SDK (software development kit), the first offering through Grammarly for Developers, builders get access to everything they need to deliver easy-to-use, real-time writing assistance in any web application. Developers are invited to apply for the Text Editor SDK in closed beta starting today.

Grammarly for Developers makes it easy for builders to provide end users with the market-leading writing assistance Grammarly has built over more than a decade of innovation. Previously, developers needed to spend hundreds of hours developing their own technologies, like exploring natural language processing models using machine learning, if they wanted to deliver better writing outcomes for users. With the Grammarly Text Editor SDK, developers can help people communicate effectively in their applications by adding just a few lines of code.

As demand among developers for Grammarly's capabilities grows, this launch expands the possibilities of the company's mission: improving lives by improving communication. By enabling best-in-class writing assistance in any web application, Grammarly for Developers will help more people worldwide achieve effective communication anywhere they write.

“Grammarly empowers our users to drive impactful communication outcomes with our trusted suggestions,” said Grammarly CEO Brad Hoover. “Today, we’re excited to launch Grammarly for Developers, enabling developers to deliver the same writing assistance and outcomes to their users.”

Companies whose users depend on quality communication, including Superhuman and Frontify, hear from their customers that real-time communication assistance is crucial to their daily workflow.

“Superhuman is about helping our customers get through their inbox twice as fast, and a big part of that is giving them the confidence that they will be understood as intended,” said Superhuman Founder and CEO Rahul Vohra. “Our customers told us that Grammarly is critical for their work. We are excited about Grammarly for Developers, as it will help companies like ours build even better products for our users.”

“Amazing and consistent brand expressions don’t just happen. They are the result of proper guidance and empowerment for the people behind them,” said Frontify Founder and CEO Roger Dudler. “At Frontify, we’re enabling our customers with a holistic software that values every person and every step along the brand journey. Grammarly for Developers opens the door for faster and more accurate on-brand communications for users—making it easier to write the right way across a range of touchpoints—and we can’t wait to explore the impact.”

Grammarly’s Text Editor SDK enables developers to offer the most comprehensive set of AI-powered English writing suggestions currently available. Feedback and suggestions are delivered across four categories of writing: correctness (grammar and writing mechanics), clarity (conciseness and readability), engagement (vocabulary and variety), and delivery (tone, formality, and confidence). Suggestions are presented in-line and in real time so that users can quickly and easily accept suggestions as they write.

Grammarly offers the most robust AI solution for writing assistance on the market. The Text Editor SDK includes everything developers need to deliver intelligent and easy-to-use communication suggestions in their products. It handles all communication between applications and Grammarly’s cloud services and manages all the user interface components, like rendering underlines and suggestion cards, applying text transformations, providing personal dictionaries, and more.

Developers can build confidently knowing they are leveraging proven technology from a trusted company that employs user-first security and privacy practices. Grammarly is transparent about its security practices, holds enterprise-grade attestations and certifications, and places a premium on scalability, uptime, and availability.

The Grammarly Text Editor SDK delivers Grammarly’s English-language writing assistance through any web-based application running on browsers or Chromium-based desktop apps. Interested developers can apply for early access to the beta of the Text Editor SDK starting today by visiting The offering includes:

  • An API with access to Grammarly services, including UI building blocks
  • Comprehensive developer guides and API documentation
  • Sample applications, including source code
  • A quick-start tutorial to bring Grammarly to life in an app in minutes


Grammarly is on a mission to improve lives by improving communication. Using a combination of technological approaches and human expertise, Grammarly’s advanced writing assistant is used by 30,000 teams and 30 million people around the world every day. Founded in 2009, Grammarly applies over a decade of learning from billions of writing sessions to provide communication assistance that remains unmatched in the market. Grammarly’s AI-powered suggestions help people write with confidence and enable businesses to achieve better results by providing feedback on the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of their writing, wherever it’s happening. Grammarly is one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in AI, a member of the Forbes Cloud 100, and one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces. Learn more at


Shane Collins


Shane Collins