Grammarly Announces New Tone Rewrite Suggestions to Help Professionals and Teams Build Better Relationships

Leader in AI-powered communication assistance introduces the industry’s only technology that helps users identify and rewrite sentences to achieve a desired tone—at the click of a button

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Grammarly, the company powering effective communication for over 50,000 teams and over 30 million people daily, today announced the launch of tone rewrite suggestions. These advanced suggestions help individuals and teams ensure their tone is positive, confident, or personable at the click of a button, even in the most difficult workplace conversations.

A recent Grammarly survey shows that 93% of professionals struggle to convey the right tone in their written communications, impacting the ability to build strong personal connections that are essential for successful teams. Grammarly’s tone rewrite suggestions address this by identifying instances where a user’s tone may not land well and offering alternative suggestions to rewrite entire sentences.

“As teams work across more locations, time zones, and systems, the need to reimagine effective communication and the importance of emotional connection in the workplace has never been more critical,” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, Global Head of Product at Grammarly. “When working asynchronously and in digital formats, the right tone can help make up for the lack of body language and in-person cues that previously guided so many of our workplace interactions. Grammarly’s new tone rewrite suggestions empower individuals and teams with the confidence their communication is well-received so they can build more productive relationships—marking another milestone in our mission to improve lives by improving communication.”

With intelligent tone rewrite suggestions powered by advanced machine learning, Grammarly’s communication assistance offers the most robust tone feedback available on the market today. The feature specifically delivers three types of suggestions to support individuals and teams in their most high-stakes communications:

  • Positive reframing: Keep interactions constructive and focused on the solution—rather than the problem—to quickly resolve challenges with empathy.
  • Confident: Sound self-assured and persuasive to achieve internal consensus and stakeholder alignment on ideas and plans.
  • Personable: Rewrite sentences that seem stiff or impersonal to build and strengthen relationships with ease at work and at home.

Grammarly has been a forerunner in tone support since launching its tone detector in 2019 to help users understand how messages may land. Tone rewrite suggestions expand the breadth and depth of Grammarly’s tone feedback in that they are more contextually aware, cover more scenarios, and offer more comprehensive assistance with the ability to rewrite full sentences. Users can view the suggestions in an easy slider bar format that presents the recommended tone rewrite, empowering them to determine the right tone for their specific message and context.

These advanced tone rewrite suggestions are available for Grammarly Premium users today and will begin rolling out in Grammarly Business and Grammarly for Education. Users also have access to advanced spelling and grammar support, as well as trusted style and clarity suggestions delivered in real time to help people communicate confidently.

For Grammarly Business users, these new tone rewrite suggestions will be compatible with brand tones by filtering out conflicting tone rewrite suggestions and promoting those that align with a company’s preferred tones—making it even easier for teams to create consistent brand experiences.

Grammarly is transparent about its user-first security and privacy practices, holds enterprise-grade attestations and certifications, and places a premium on scalability, uptime, and availability. The company keeps security at the heart of its product, infrastructure, and policies.

To learn more about Grammarly’s advanced tone rewrite suggestions, visit our blog post.

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Jen Dakin


Jen Dakin