actnano Introduces Titan Series Advanced nanoGuard

Revolutionary new coating can help improve safety in electric and autonomous vehicles

BOSTON--()--actnano, Inc., a global leader in protective nanocoatings for automotive and consumer electronics, has introduced Titan, a revolutionary new coating unlike any other electronics protection available in the industry today.

Titan is a quantum leap ahead of our previous coatings and in our assessment, outperforms everything in the market,” said actnano CEO, Taymur Ahmad. “Our OEM and Tier I/II customers are embracing this exciting new technology. They are reaping the benefits of our simplified manufacturing process, improved product performance and reduced overall costs.”

Titan provides maximum protection for automotive electronics when exposed to harsh environmental conditions including water, condensation, salt and humidity while maintaining stability over a wide range of operating temperatures. This is a critical safety concern as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) become increasingly prevalent on vehicles and the industry continues to advance toward full autonomy.

What makes Titan unique is that it protects 100% of the electronics and allows tunnel-through electrical conductivity at connection points after application. And unlike traditional conformal coatings, it can be applied to connectors and antennas, as well as underneath large components/processors,” explained Jeremy Garbacik, Vice President of Global Sales. “This saves valuable time and reduces costs for our customers, because it eliminates the extra steps required for masking and the need for keep-out areas.”

Additionally, the multiple environmental benefits of Titan are important to note. Produced with sustainable materials, Titan doesn’t contain any harmful fluorine or halogen compounds which are typically found in automotive coatings.

We created actnano with a mission to improve overall safety and save lives,” Ahmad continued. “The health and safety of our customers when applying the coating is equally as important to us as improving the safety of vehicles around the world.”

You can’t develop tomorrow’s vehicles using yesterday’s technology,” he said.

About actnano:

actnano is setting a new standard for electronics protection with its commercialized water and environmental resistant nanocoating technology, Advanced nanoGuard™ (ANG). The company’s gel-state ANG coatings can be applied directly on connectors, antennas, LEDs and high heat generating components, allowing electronic manufacturers to comprehensively safeguard their devices for the first time. With a scalable, turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates into existing manufacturing lines, actnano is positioned to expand its global footprint with leading automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers. Today the company is a trusted partner to global automotive and consumer electronics OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers as customers, with its ANG technology already integrated into production vehicles and the world’s leading smartphones. For more information, please visit


Hilary Brazin

Release Summary

Titan, a revolutionary new coating from actnano, provides maximum electronics protection and helps improve electric and autonomous vehicle safety.


Hilary Brazin