InMobi Exchange Integrates with In-App Header Bidding Solutions to Reduce Friction and Optimize Competition for Premium In-App Inventory

Industry-wide header bidding integration enables advertisers and DSPs to have visibility to available ad impressions and place competitive bids for that inventory

SAN FRANCISCO--()--InMobi, a global technology, media and marketing solutions provider reaching billions of people around the world, today announced that InMobi Exchange is now offering in-app header bidding across substantially all major mediation platforms, including AppLovin MAX, Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace, Fyber FairBid, Google Open Bidding, ironSource and MoPub Advanced Bidding. This enables app developers to access InMobi’s most premium demand on their preferred platform while giving advertisers frictionless access to quality in-app inventory at scale.

“Our integration with the world’s leading in-app header bidding solutions removes friction from the buying process while optimizing competition for all available in-app impressions in a single destination,” said Kunal Nagpal, SVP and GM, Publisher Platform and Exchange at InMobi. “This shift in the in-app ecosystem is long overdue, and enables any app developer to access demand from the world's most marquee advertisers. We thank our mediation partners for their continuous support and are thrilled to further foster the growth of the bidding-first ecosystem.”

“With bidding, we are able to optimize our advertising revenue by placing all of our apps' inventory, including video and display, up for auction to be bid on by all demand sources, like InMobi, at the same time,” said Sergei Efimov, CRO of FunCorp, a leading global developer of entertainment tech products and apps. “By increasing competition for our inventory through in-app header bidding, we’re able to increase our eCPMs overall and thus increase advertising revenue.”

“Header bidding has been a game-changer for our app monetization strategy,” said Mark Beck, CMO and CFO of London-based mobile game studio, Tripledot. “Through in-app header bidding, we are able to drive up competition for our inventory to increase yield while simultaneously improving operational efficiency which means less work for our team. Putting all of our demand sources on equal footing through header bidding ensures that we are always given a fair price for our impressions.”

The buy side is seeing the benefits as well. “With header bidding, we have more flexibility in finding the required scale at the right price with our target users. And with a single integration path via InMobi Exchange, we can now look forward to simpler supply paths, optimized performance across a diverse set of publishers and greater return on our ad spends, all adding up to our supply path optimization (SPO) goals,” said Dennis Mink, SVP of Marketing at Liftoff.

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JR Cordray

Release Summary

InMobi today announced that InMobi Exchange is now offering in-app header bidding across substantially all major mediation platforms.


JR Cordray