Red Sift and Entrust Survey: Showing a Logo Positively Affects Consumer Interaction With Emails, Open Rates, Buying Behavior, Brand Recall and Confidence

New survey data reveals that logo visibility has significant market value for brands communicating with customers by email

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO--()--When brands display validated registered logos in their email communications, it boosts open rates and interaction levels, according to a new survey released today by Red Sift, a leading provider of vital cybersecurity products, in partnership with Entrust, a global leader in identity, payments and data protection.

The survey of over 1,000 U.S. and U.K. adults looked at consumer interaction when brands are able to display their logos in an email inbox consistent with the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standards for displaying validated registered logos. The survey found that among consumers, the inclusion of a registered logo using BIMI standards:

  • Increased open rates by 21%, irrespective of brand strength or market share. Recipients were more responsive to messages that displayed a logo alongside emails.
  • Increased average purchase likelihood by 34%. Prospects were more likely to purchase when brand logos were displayed in the inbox.
  • Increased brand recall by 18%, after a 5-second exposure. And the stronger the brand, the higher the recall increase.
  • Increased confidence in email. The use of BIMI increased consumer confidence in the legitimacy of an email by 90%.

Furthermore, when looking at how Gen Z respondents decided to spend their money, not deploying BIMI negatively impacted purchasing decisions by 28%.

“BIMI standards combine strong email authentication using DMARC with Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) to enable a sender to display their trusted, registered brand mark in their customer’s email inbox. Not only does it use DMARC to reassure recipients that an email is from the organization it claims to be from, but showing a logo could help marketers get more out of their email communication campaigns,” said Red Sift CEO Rahul Powar.

“Environments that support the new BIMI VMC, which include Gmail and others, will automatically display an organization’s registered logo in a premium and defined location in the receiver’s inbox where an avatar would otherwise appear,” said Chris Bailey, VP Trust Services at Entrust. “Organizations now have a method for showing their registered logo in this highly valuable location, which, according to our research, could positively impact an organization’s digital presence and performance.”

Every organization can benefit from BIMI

The survey conducted by Red Sift and Entrust tested the power of displaying a logo by showing respondents an email inbox with emails with logos compared to emails without logos. In both the U.S. and U.K., the emails displaying a logo received a significant share of opens and purchases, demonstrating that brands, regardless of familiarity, can benefit from displaying registered logos in their emails.

  • Bigger brands can implement BIMI standards to ensure strong email authentication and create a deep brand experience with their customers.
  • Smaller businesses can implement BIMI standards to add strong email authentication, increase their interaction, and more effectively compete with bigger brands.

In partnership with Entrust, Red Sift is leading the way in BIMI deployments with a fully integrated product and service offering for BIMI. Brands can manage their logo and obtain VMCs from Entrust right through the Red Sift OnDMARC interface and get their emails DMARC-secured more quickly.

“Red Sift has a complete BIMI product offering that companies can use to manage their logo, secure their communications, and entice customers to engage with more of their emails, but they must have DMARC implemented to take advantage of it,” said Powar. “This is just one more reason that DMARC isn’t really optional for businesses anymore—it’s a necessity.”

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1,026 participants aged 18 - 60+ were surveyed across the US and UK. We assessed the impact of logo visibility (enabled by BIMI) on transactional email, promotional email, open rates, brand recall, buying choices and confidence in legitimacy. Responses to test emails were baselined across participants, and these were then compared to responses to the same emails with the inclusion of logos using BIMI.

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Sarah Freeman
Bospar for Red Sift

Release Summary

New survey from Red Sift and Entrust reveals that logo visibility has significant market value for brands communicating with customers by email


Sarah Freeman
Bospar for Red Sift