DKT International Introduces Affordable Contraception, HIV Test Kits, and Innovative Educational Marketing Campaigns to Protect the Health of Men and Couples Around the World

WASHINGTON--()--Global non-profit, DKT International announces the launch of HIV test kits, greater access to contraception, and innovative educational marketing campaigns to aiding men’s and couples’ sexual and reproductive health and future.

“DKT recognizes the integral role men play in preventing STIs and unplanned pregnancies. As such, we’re constantly innovating male oriented social marketing tactics, partnering with programs like World Vasectomy Day, and designing initiatives to reduce the stigma against even discussing sexual health. Our teams are working in underserved countries around the world to provide access to contraception and highlighting new options for men to protect their health and future,” says Chris Purdy, CEO of DKT International. “Through increased access to products via innovative supply channels, men can integrate healthy lifestyles, prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS and unintended pregnancies, all while generating greater conversation about gender equity and responsible masculinity.”

In 2020, DKT served 48.6 million Couple Years Protection (CYPs), which is the estimated protection provided by contraceptive methods during a one-year period based off total contraceptive sales. A large factor of the impact is attributed to DKT’s efforts to sell or provide: 24 million condoms, 52,000 tubal ligations and vasectomies, 3.5 million lubricant sachets / tubes, 55,000 HIV test kits, emphasizing the importance of men’s sexual and reproductive health.

Recent in-country efforts to improve men’s sexual health include:

  • DKT Indonesia arranged a special annual initiative with the objective to increase the sexual reproductive health awareness of Indonesian men. A campaign, entitled 'Pria Ber-KB Itu Keren!' or Men who participate in Family Planning are Cool! will broadcast on six national TV stations reaching an audience of 20 million Indonesians. The commercial’s messaging will highlight how planning a family, maintaining reproductive health, is a responsibility that belongs to both husband and wife.
  • DKT Brazil launched special pride edition condoms to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition, the country will be promoting the use of condoms to youths by sponsoring a “Prudence Party” on popular MTV reality TV show Holidays with Ex, which features couples of all sexual orientation, and provided the contraception for the contestants.
  • DKT Mexico, created an educational video along with influencer Estef Palacios about vasectomies, interviewing employees at a DKT partner clinic who encouraged men to undergo vasectomy without scalpel for Father’s Day.
  • DKT Liberia trained 40 members of the Lesbian and Gay Association of Liberia (LEGAL) on their new product OraQuick HIV Self Testing Kit. The first in-home oral HIV self-test to be approved by WHO, NAFDAC, FMOH and US-FDA, OraQuick detects antibodies to both HIV-1 and HIV-2 with an oral swab, providing a confidential in-home testing option with results in as little as 20 minutes.
  • DKT Vietnam announced a new channel of distribution, making condoms easier to purchase than ever during the pandemic, in addition to drug stores nationwide the condoms can be bought at Chân Tâm Pharma’s official store on Shopee and Lazada.
  • DKT DR Congo recently launched a new, highly affordable brand of condom, called “CHIC”. The launch was supported by Mini Roadshows and animated, engaging in person promotion on the streets with a wheel game, a sound system and a DJ conducted by DR Congo’s Youth Ambassadors. During this week-long launch activity, in Kinshasa alone, more than 3000 people were reached through one-to-one interactions.

DKT International

Since 1989, DKT International’s core mission has been to provide safe and affordable options for family planning and HIV prevention through social marketing in underserved countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


Katherine Ladner

Release Summary

For Men's Health Month, DKT International launches affordable contraception, HIV test kits, and innovative educational marketing campaigns.


Katherine Ladner