Echoworx Adds Biometric Authentication to Its Email Encryption Platform

Using biometric technology to innovate toward a true passwordless future

TORONTO--()--Echoworx, the industry leader in message encryption, announced today the introduction of biometric authentication to its Echoworx Email Encryption platform, enabling secure passwordless authentication options. By leveraging biometrics, along with their growing list of seven authentication options, Echoworx enables enterprises with the option to access encrypted communications in seconds, without the need for registration, questions or passwords.

“People trust their devices and mobile is the fastest growing channel for reaching customers,” says Michael Ginsberg, CEO of Echoworx. “That’s why we’ve decided to leverage biometric authentication, like fingerprint and facial recognition already built into devices, to access encrypted messages. Eliminating the need to manage and use passwords is the future, and we feel biometrics are the obvious frontrunner for achieving this goal.”

According to Gartner, over 60 per cent of large enterprises are looking to implement passwordless methods of authentication in over 50 per cent of their business by 2022. In fact, industry leaders like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, are already implementing and trusting biometrics to provide seamless access to secure information.

Echoworx’s customizable encryption offers organizations eight ways to deliver secure email, support for 27 languages and seven authentication options. And, through their addition of biometrics, Echoworx further demonstrates its commitment to providing global enterprises a customizable platform required to accommodate their evolving digital workforce and connected customers.

For more information on Echoworx biometric and additional authentication options, visit: Get More Ways to Authenticate

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Echoworx protects the privacy of people and businesses throughout the world by making email data protection easier. Our customizable encryption platform helps organizations easily share protected email, statements, and documents from anywhere, on any device. Our passionate encryption experts transform communication chaos into order for world leading organizations who understand — it pays to be secure.


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Lorena Magee, VP Marketing +1 416 226-8600