AMS Honored with the ACG Middle Market Growth Workplace Award

VALENCIA, Calif.--()--AMS Fulfillment is pleased to announce that it was awarded the Association for Corporate Growth’s (ACG) Middle Market Growth Workplace Award, sponsored by Insperity. This award is presented to the company demonstrating a vibrant corporate culture through strong employee retention and engagement, innovative benefits, or a compelling recruitment proposition for prospective hires. ACG, the premier association for the mergers and acquisitions deal-making community, selected AMS as the winner among four finalists in the Workplace Award category.

AMS is proud to be recognized as an innovative and outstanding workplace, as the development of benefits for our employees, and diversity and inclusion in hiring and promotion have been a strong focus of the company over a span of many years. AMS is a significant job provider, hiring nearly 400 individuals in our warehouses and offices; the company has long attributed its success to its talented employees.

One of the major benefits offered to AMS employees is education. Several years ago, AMS established and outfitted a learning center and partnered with a local college to provide free, on-campus college-level classes. From this business-college partnership came the first logistics apprenticeship in the US. AMS also offers job training, a mentor program, and training for advancement within the company. Recently, AMS has made the learning opportunities even more convenient by offering classes during the workday hours.

In addition to education and training, AMS has made extraordinary efforts, in partnership with community organizations, to hire underserved individuals in the community. The company’s focus has been on the chronically underemployed, individuals with disabilities, individuals who have served time, young people from at-risk communities, and individuals that are facing challenges in their efforts to make a job a career. As a result, AMS has a richly diverse workforce, which benefits both the company and the community alike.

Advancement and career-path opportunities are highly valued by the AMS workforce. In addition to mentoring and job training, AMS is developing a new program called the ‘Up-Skill Matrix’ that will allow employees to view the skills necessary to move up in their careers and take the necessary steps to develop those skills. Additionally, employees are encouraged to register for positions they're interested in and will receive a message when those opportunities become available.

In granting the Workplace Award, the ACG made reference to the enormous challenges that businesses have faced throughout the past year. Throughout these challenges, AMS has continually prioritized the safety and well-being of its employees, taking extraordinary safety measures to protect the workforce in its warehouses and offices. The company’s COVID safety measures have been very successful, and employees have been cooperative and grateful.

AMS Fulfillment is pleased to accept the Workplace Award and is proud to join an esteemed group of middle market businesses being recognized for their achievements.

About the Association for Corporate Growth

Founded in 1954, ACG is the premier M&A deal making community with 59 chapters worldwide. ACG’s global network comprises more than 100,000 middle market professionals who invest, own and advise growing companies. ACG’s mission is to drive middle-market growth. ACG reaches its audience through its content-rich media channels, including its award-winning flagship publication, Middle Market Growth, which dives into emerging trends; GrowthTV, which brings those stories to life; and with podcasts that provide in-depth conversations with industry thought leaders.

The Middle Market Growth Awards are granted by the ACG to businesses in five categories: Growth Engine, Innovation, Job Creator, Workplace and Young Professionals. The companies or individuals winning the awards are featured in the Middle Market Growth Magazine, which is the official publication of the ACG.

About AMS Fulfillment

AMS Fulfillment, a certified B- Corporation, is a leading full-service order fulfillment company operating as a third-party resource for order management, fulfillment center management and complex fulfillment services. AMS provides a full suite of fulfillment and distribution services to consumer products companies focused on serving the B2B retail (brick-and-mortar), online retail, and direct-to-consumer channels. With over 1M square feet of operating space, the Company Headquarters is in Valencia, CA, with facilities in Valencia; New Holland, PA; New Castle, DE; and Newark, DE. For more information, please contact AMS at (661) 775-0611 or visit


Steven Helmle
VP Business Development