Movendo and University of Memphis Partner to Predict, Evaluate and Treat Sports Injuries in Student Athletes

University of Memphis integrates Movendo Technology’s robotic system hunova© into baseline screening and physical rehabilitation of their student athletes.

BOSTON--()--Movendo Technology has partnered with University of Memphis to integrate Movendo’s robotic system hunova© into the screening and physical rehabilitation of their student athletes for knee related deficits, concussions and overall performance.

At University of Memphis, the hunova© is being integrated into on-going evaluation of overall performance, knee and concussion of student athletes, according to Douglas Powell, PhD, Co-Director of the Exercise Neuroscience Research Laboratory. The hunova© is a programmable robotic medical device consisting of two independent electromechanical movable platforms, one at foot level and one at seat level. The device, which can deliver more than 200 evaluations and exercises for postural control, stretching, muscle strengthening, balance, core stability and proprioception, operates in active, passive, and assistive modes.

“Objective evaluations and individualized training are key for preventing injuries, optimizing performance and better return-to-play decisions,” explained Dr. Powell. “We are planning to evaluate and train student athletes from almost all sports teams for both baseline and throughout the season with the hunova. The University of Memphis Tigers will certainly profit from this new technology.”

The Athletes will be evaluated via Movendo’s “performance index” - a robotic total body index that aims to evaluate and compare an athletes performance to its peers; via the “knee index” - the first functional robotic evaluation of the knee providing objective data to help monitoring an athlete’s progress through the rehabilitation process; and via a newly developed “Concussion Index” to better identify and manage concussions, or mild traumatic brain injury.

“Collaborating with the University of Memphis to collect sports specific data to continuously enhance hunova’s built-in database to better predict and treat athletes is an important step to further improve the safety and performance of sports athletes,” said Frank Menzler, Executive VP and General Manager North America of Movendo. “The hunova has already been adopted by more than 100 facilities as a compact system for both objective evaluations and functional therapy,” said Menzler. “We are confident that integrating hunova into the Tiger’s sports medicine program will lead to data-driven decisions that will prevent injuries, optimize performance and accelerate recovery.”

About Movendo Technology

Movendo Technology, part of the biopharmaceutical group Dompé Holdings, was established in 2016. Headquartered in Genoa, Italy with subsidiaries in Boston, MA, and Munich, Germany, Movendo develops and commercializes robotic and digital rehabilitation solutions for objective, functional assessments and effective treatments. Hunova©, the company’s flagship product and one of the most versatile robotic assistive devices available, improves orthopedic rehabilitation, the management of neurological and chronic conditions, active aging and athletic performance. Proprietary software algorithms and novel IT solutions provide for predictive and personalized therapy, telerehabilitation as well as for data-driven population health management tools.

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About University of Memphis

The University of Memphis is a major research institution located in Memphis, Tennessee (USA). Founded in 1912, the University has more than 21,000 pursuing undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. Students and faculty represent a diverse population, coming from all over the world to the City of Memphis. With nationally and internationally ranked academic programs and research centers, the University of Memphis is at the forefront of science and education.

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