New Study Shows Potential ROI Benefits of Leveraging Performics “Darwin” Paid Search Marketing Optimization Suite

With Darwin, Brands Can Realize $24+ Million in Business Benefits with $8M in Costs over 3 Years, Resulting in a 205% ROI

CHICAGO--()--Performics, the performance marketing agency of Publicis Groupe, commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) that brands could realize by using Darwin, Performics’ web-based paid search marketing optimization suite.

With Darwin’s bidding and budgeting features, media buyers can maximize performance for lead volume, profit and budget. Darwin identifies key strategies needed to drive business outcomes, and then overlays innovative technology to scenario-plan, optimize, pace and monitor paid search campaigns to those outcomes.

The study, The Total Economic Impact™ of Performics Darwin: Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Darwin, provides brands with a framework to evaluate the financial impact Darwin could have on their organizations. It also includes interviews by Forrester Consulting with two Performics clients in the Retail and Education verticals.

Forrester’s interviews and analysis found that an organization similar to the interviewed organizations could experience business benefits of $24+ million over 3 years, versus costs of about $8 million, resulting in an ROI of 205%.

According to a VP of Integrated Marketing in Retail, “We were pretty flat in [Return on Ad Spend] ROAS before, but once we switched to Darwin, we saw immediate gains. . . . To operate the way we were before, we would have had to have an unlimited budget and that just wasn’t going to happen. With Performics, not only is it the speed with which they can make changes in Darwin, but it’s also their attention to detail.” A VP of Marketing in Education added, “We’re seeing a lower cost per yield and our budget has remained static. It’s an indication that we are getting more students in the door. Making more money with the same budget dramatically changes the profitability of our institution.”

Darwin helped the brands:

  • Boost Conversion Rates by 10%: Targeting high performance keywords and suppressing mediocre keywords ensured that paid clicks had a higher likelihood to convert. Furthermore, Performics identified underutilized areas of focus to expand campaigns.
  • Improve Return on Ad Spend by 30%: The brands used Darwin’s Performance Diagnosis feature to understand keyword performance relative to spend, and discontinue wasteful spend on keywords not aligned to business outcomes. Darwin’s Performance Monitor alerted the interviewees to anomalous behavior and harmful activity that could lead to waste.
  • Reduce Cost per Click by 10%: The VP of Marketing in Education Services stated, “Just by spending $10 of what we were doing two years ago, we would expect more clicks.”
  • Lower Marketing Operations Costs by 33%: Darwin’s automated bidding and reporting enabled the organizations to reallocate resources from marketing operations to higher-value tasks
  • Drive In-Store Purchases: Targeting specific local keywords aided the retailer in driving in-store traffic
  • Improve Customer Lifetime Value: Darwin’s ability to target specific personas not only improved conversion rates, but also converted customers who were more likely to spend additional dollars in the future
  • Indirectly Improve SEO: Changing bidding strategies even peaked organic search interest

Forrester noted, “Additionally, these changes were fully transparent to the clients, as opposed to other solutions that function as a ‘black-box’ and expect clients to accept the outputs without any reasoning or insights.”

“There’s multiple things going on with Performics: It’s the superior account management, but it’s also the powerful tools they have at their disposal,” said the VP of Integrated Marketing, Retail. “We saved a substantial amount of money in compensation from an agency perspective and have subsequently received a far superior product and business results having moved to Performics,” added the VP of Marketing, Education Services.

Forrester created the Total Economic Impact™ framework to enable brands to estimate their own costs and benefits derived from an investment in the Performics Darwin suite.

Download the full study to calculate the potential financial impact Darwin could have on your brand.

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Dan Malachowski, VP Marketing


Dan Malachowski, VP Marketing