Introducing RapidAPI Testing, a Modern and Intuitive Testing Solution for Creating and Managing Comprehensive API Tests From Dev to Deployment

RapidAPI expands its leading API Platform to offer developers and enterprises functional API testing, global monitoring, and seamless integration with existing CI/CD tooling

SAN FRANCISCO--()--RapidAPI, a next-generation API platform that enables developers and enterprises to find, connect to, and manage thousands of APIs, announced today that it had launched RapidAPI Testing, a modern and intuitive testing solution for easily creating and managing comprehensive tests from development to deployment. RapidAPI Testing supports any API type including REST, SOAP, and GraphQL, simplifies monitoring across multiple geographies, and integrates with existing tooling throughout the development lifecycle. Additionally, RapidAPI Testing automatically syncs with the RapidAPI Marketplace and RapidAPI Enterprise Hub to ensure test coverage across all of an organization’s APIs.

“APIs are the glue between back-end infrastructure and end-user applications, which makes APIs a great insertion point for testing,” said Iddo Gino, RapidAPI Founder and CEO. “API testing allows teams to quickly uncover usability and performance issues before their users are impacted. With RapidAPI, it is easy to create complex tests in the way that works for each user - whether using a drag-and-drop builder or a code-based editor. Because RapidAPI Testing is a powerful tool, it works in every user’s environment, enabling them to build modern software.”

Comprehensive testing using visual, automated, or code-based test generation

RapidAPI Testing enables you to create customizable functional test flows that provide deep validation of REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs. An easy-to-use interface offers users three options for test generation, enabling developers and non-developers to create API tests:

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor - Enable no-code and low-code users to easily create intricate test flows and perform deep validation of APIs with an intuitive visual interface.
  • Code-based interface - Refine testing flows by writing and running custom code.
  • Automatic Test Creation - Simply define your API and upload an OpenAPI spec file to infer API properties and automatically generate tests that perform deep assertions on the APIs.

RapidAPI Testing also enables you to secure every step of the testing process with testing for any authentication and authorization method including OAuth 2.0/OpenID Connect, header validation to check headers are configured correctly and do not contain sensitive information, and passing SQL, NoSQL, and other commands via queries and body parameters to prevent injection flaws.

Global Monitoring ensures the performance of your applications, APIs, and microservices

RapidAPI Testing enables you to ensure performance for users everywhere by running tests across multiple global data centers. You can continuously run the API tests and monitor them with sophisticated reporting and analytics, including detailed execution reports and an intuitive management dashboard that enables you to pinpoint issues and accelerate resolution times.

RapidAPI Testing integrates with leading developer and incident management tooling such as GitHub, PagerDuty, Slack, and Twilio, enabling you to constantly ensure that your API is performing properly. You can also set up SMS or email alerts to notify you if the API is down.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration across the CI/CD Pipeline

Organizations can improve development efficiency by seamlessly integrating API testing with existing tooling and utilizing built-in collaboration capabilities across the software development pipeline. Using a dedicated webhook, you can run API tests using popular CI/CD tooling including Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub, Travis CI, and GitLab. Additionally, built-in collaboration capabilities allow you to organize developers into teams, assign API and test permissions at the team and role level, and work with team members to run tests and inspect results.

RapidAPI Testing also automatically imports APIs published to the RapidAPI Marketplace into the RapidAPI Testing dashboard to ensure quick testing coverage and eliminate the need to manually add APIs to the testing environment. Because RapidAPI Testing is enterprise-ready, you can pull and push tests from the cloud UI to a local agent for behind firewall execution of testing flows.

User Testimonial

“Although RapidAPI Testing was incredibly easy to set up and use, it was powerful enough to manage all of my API testing needs. RapidAPI Testing has all of the features that you would expect and more and was flexible enough for me to use in many different use cases.”

- Marco Arrigo - ElenaSport Founder

“RapidAPI Testing was very intuitive and enabled us to manage all of our existing testing requirements and it shed a light on some areas where we needed to pay closer attention. Directly connecting to existing RapidAPI endpoints was seamless and facilitated a faster time between our development and production-ready products.”

- Andrew Fraine, Director of Product Development and Data Science at Automata LLC

“As an API provider, we always aim to provide a service that has high availability and low latency for any user in the world. Being able to simultaneously run tests from different locations has greatly helped us to improve our API for users and has been a major asset for our team.”

-Jérémy Gaudin, CTO, API-SPORTS

“As a non-developer, I was impressed by how quickly and easily I was able to create my first tests and get everything up and running. I love that you can set up text/email notifications when a test fails as providing reliable, constant access to the API is our #1 concern. Instant notifications help ensure our API is always available.”

- Crystal Schlegelmilch, Co-Founder, Spoonacular

Pricing and Availability

RapidAPI Testing is available in a variety of pricing plans. RapidAPI Testing can be purchased standalone or as an add-on to RapidAPI Enterprise Hub.

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Announcing RapidAPI Testing- a functional API testing and monitoring solution for creating and managing comprehensive API tests from dev to deployment


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