AccuVax® Vaccine Management System Releases Patient Safety Checks, Helping With HEDIS Immunization Efforts and Eliminating Common Vaccination Errors

Patient Safety Checks available on AccuVax ES (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN DIEGO--()--TruMed® Systems, Inc., makers of the AccuVax Vaccine Management System, releases Patient Safety Checks feature for AccuVax ES. This new safety feature enhances patient safety by suggesting vaccines based on the immunization schedule and automates checking for common vaccine errors before dispensing.

“We strive to systemize vaccine management and optimize it for quality and safety,” states TruMed’s CEO Jesper Jensen. “Patient Safety Checks enhances our AccuVax ES, the emerging standard in vaccine management that guarantees temperature control, saves staff time for patient care, eliminates vaccine waste, and reduces medication errors.”

The Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is one of healthcare’s most widely used performance improvement tools1. This tool allows providers to measure and identify quality of care for their patients. The HEDIS measurement rates are also used by providers to maximize their reimbursements or identify additional incentive programs. With Patient Safety Checks, AccuVax improves HEDIS scores by automatically checking if a patient is missing vaccines typically given and suggests dispensing the missing vaccines, ensuring that each immunization visit includes all required doses.

In addition, AccuVax ES eliminates 91% of all common vaccination errors. The ISMP’s National Vaccine Errors Reporting Program (ISMP VERP)2 documents the most common vaccination errors as: wrong vaccine (23% of all reported errors), wrong dose (19%), expired vaccine (19%), wrong age (17%), wrong time or interval (8%), and vaccine component omission (4%). AccuVax always helped eliminate the potential to administer the wrong vaccine and wrong dose, but with Patient Safety Checks available, AccuVax will now warn if the patient information conflicts with any of the following criteria: a vaccine’s indicated age or gender, a vaccine’s minimum dose time interval, dose series count exceeds maximum number, and duplicate vaccines.

AccuVax offers a full suite of online reporting tools. These tools include a full audit trail of every patient safety check occurrence and action taken in a customizable report that is accessible on portal. This allows providers and health systems the ability to track and report on compliance metrics.

To learn more about AccuVax and Patient Safety Checks, please visit, contact or 844-878-6331.


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Jesper Jensen, CEO, 844-878-6331,


Release Summary

Improve HEDIS immunization efforts and eliminate common vaccination errors with newest feature available on the AccuVax Vaccine Management System.


Jesper Jensen, CEO, 844-878-6331,