J-Scent Invites Their Fragrance Evaluator from Japan to Tigerlily in San Francisco and Scent Bar in DT Los Angeles This Coming Weekend!

J-Scent – the perfume from Japan that uniquely showcases fragrances in Japanese culture. (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO & LOS ANGELES--()--December 14th Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco and December 15th the Scent Bar in Los Angeles are hosting special events for J-Scent.

Hironobu Kobayashi, the fragrance evaluator for J-Scent is flying all the way from Japan to speak. He will share the ideas behind the scents, the brand, and his craft in turning the smells and cultural experience of Japan into fragrances you can wear wherever you are. This is a truly unique experience to hear from one of Japan’s experts - his perspectives on the art of fragrance and fragrance making.

Come join us at Tigerlily in SF and Scent Bar in LA!
The first five people who walk through the door will receive a special, limited edition gift from J-Scent!

EVENT Information

San Francisco

Los Angeles

Saturday, December 14th 4-6pm

Sunday, December 15th 3-5pm


Tigerlily Perfumery

Scent Bar at ROW DTLA

973 Valencia St,

San Francisco, CA 94110

777 S. Alameda St.,

Los Angeles CA 90021

J-Scent - the fragrance from Japan - is inspired by subtle characteristics of the Japanese culture and its four seasons. Pick your favorites out of 19 varieties of unique “Japanese scents,” perfect for the holiday season!

Scent Bar by Lucky Scent was created to provide a comfortable and relaxing place to experience incredible selection of independent niche perfumes in a no-pressure sales environment. They have spent years helping people of all levels of fragrance knowledge with their friendly, helpful staff. If you are looking for a unique perfume, this is the place! (Store list: Scent Bar Hollywood , Scent Bar DTLA and Scent Bar NYC.)

Tigerlily Perfumery is a San Francisco boutique dedicated entirely to artisan and niche perfumes, stocking a deep collection of US indies as well as hard-to-find cult favorites from around the world. Tigerlily’s mission is to present well-crafted and unique fragrances that bring beauty and joy into people’s lives, encouraging exploration and playfulness in the discovery of wonderful wearable scents.

19 Fragrances: Roasted Green Tea, Agarwood, Rakugan, Hanamizake, Paper Soap, Hydrangea, Ramune, Yuzu, Sumo Wrestler, Yawahada, Honey & Lemon, Hanamachi, Hisui, Shaft of Light, Usubeni, Black Leather, Koiame, Hakka, Wood Flake

Size: 50ml/bottle (eau de parfum)
Price: US$80/bottle
Website: https://www.j-scent-global.com/
Shop List: https://www.j-scent-global.com/shoplist.php


Ranko Kawashima, Kiyomi Ono
Email: mail@luz-ltd.com

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Ranko Kawashima, Kiyomi Ono
Email: mail@luz-ltd.com