AEGIX Global Launches to Transform Interrogation Training and Deliver Innovative Technology and Equipment to Law Enforcement

AEGIX delivers science-based training and equipment to those who serve and safeguard society

CHICAGO--()--(Special to IACP, Booth 5100) AEGIX Global, LLC today announced its official company launch. AEGIX is led by industry experts to develop and deliver mission-specific resources, technology, equipment, and training to law enforcement, humanitarian groups, militaries and allied governments around the world.

AEGIX today also introduced one of its flagship offerings, Rapport-Based Intelligence Collection (R-BIC), which is research-based, science-backed and field-tested interrogation and interview training.

R-BIC was developed via a partnership of scientists and intelligence professionals to more effectively enable law enforcement and military/intelligence professionals to obtain valid, actionable information. R-BIC methods have been shown to be more effective than techniques that are physically, mentally or emotionally aggressive or coercive, which includes everything from “good cop/bad cop” to torture.

“Police and federal agents are required to complete regular weapons training, practice and certifications; but there has been no inclusive training counterpart for interviewing or communicating—even though they communicate far more than they use their weapons,” said Chet Linton, CEO of AEGIX. “Law enforcement has been quick to bring science such as forensics and DNA analysis into its investigations. AEGIX is empowering them to finally bring science into their interrogations, conversations and interviews. R-BIC is applicable for all strata of law enforcement from beat cops and detectives working local investigations to federal and intelligence agents working sensitive and critical cases.”

R-BIC is based on groundbreaking research and scientific data derived from the U.S. High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), a multi-agency intelligence group established in 2009 to conduct strategic intelligence interviews worldwide and to sponsor research on how to improve interview techniques.

Susan E. Brandon, Ph.D. served as Research Program Manager for the HIG from early 2010 until December of 2017. She is now the Director of Research of AEGIX. Dr. Brandon said, “R-BIC is based on 21st century science. What most law enforcement officers do during interrogations and interviews, if they have any training at all, is based on 1950-1960s science. These outdated methods are not only ineffective compared to new techniques but they are also dangerous. They pressure subjects to provide erroneous information, which can lead to unjust outcomes where the guilty go free and the innocent are put away. R-BIC provides a framework to conduct rapport-based interviews and conversations in all stages of an investigation – in a manner that is scientifically proven to be more effective to elicit more complete and accurate information.”

R-BIC training courses include:

  • Core Interview Skills
  • Decision-Making & Planning
  • Strategic Interviewing
  • Rapport Building
  • Cognitive Interview
  • Dealing with Resistance
  • Detecting Deception
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Working Effectively with Informants

Dr. Brandon added, “R-BIC is not just a list of tactics; we help the student understand the underlying science so they can recognize WHY the tactics work. If the goal is to obtain a confession, any number of coercive techniques may work, but if the goal is to obtain the valid information, R-BIC is the best option. It teaches how to plan for an interview and how to elicit a narrative from someone and encourage them to talk. After all, the details mean everything in an investigation.”

The methodology also allows users to adapt to the situation and communicate more effectively when dealing with victimized, traumatized or highly stressed individuals to secure information, which can serve to deescalate or resolve emergency situations. In addition, R-BIC is not static; the team built upon the research that was developed through the HIG with new information and the program will evolve and keep true to the latest science.

R-BIC also helps law enforcement officers and agents move from a fear-based relationship with the public to more of a trust-based relationship. Dr. Brandon said, “R-BIC is consistent with procedural justice, which is a sense within the community that law enforcement procedures are fair and unbiased.”

About AEGIX Global, LLC

AEGIX is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is focused on making a positive global impact by providing mission-specific resources, leading technology, equipment and practical and tactical training to those who are first on scene, in combat or gathering intelligence. These resources and services result in safeguarding lives, enabling justice and improving communities. AEGIX serves local, tribal, state and federal law enforcement departments and agencies, humanitarian groups, militaries, NATO and Major non-NATO allied governments worldwide. For more, please visit


Tim Rush

Release Summary

AEGIX launched today to deliver mission-specific resources, technology, equipment, and training to law enforcement and military.


Tim Rush