Are You Looking for a Right Lingerie for Your Wedding Dress?

aPure Pure5.5 – Your Best Wedding Essential

TAIPEI, Taiwan--()--The wrong wedding lingerie can totally ruin not only the look of your gorgeous wedding gown but also the mood on your big day.

Some people believe that what type of undergarments you should wear always depends on the beautiful gown that you select. And most "bride-to-be" prefer to choose something sexy and delicate to wear, like lacy lingerie.

Scary but true:

It’s important to remind that you’ll be wearing this outfit potentially up to 12 hours or more and it’s always made from “not-breathable fabric”. So, you will realize that “be AS COMFORTABLE AS POSSIBLE” is the only one thing you will yearn for on the big day in the end.

Thus, we provide a different and bold insight: Aim for a Wicking & Breathable underwear.

Most generic underwear uses 30-count yarn where aPure Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear is made with around 40-count interweaved TENCEL™ cotton and rayon. Pure5.5 also uses Acrylate, a humidity regulatory material that allows for breathability. The pure-dry property is above standard for moisture-wicking clothing. Besides, Pure5.5 is smooth and stretchy fabrics that makes you literally free and movable even under a tight wedding gown.

Here is a true feedback from our loyal fans -

“I used to wear normal cotton panties. Those panties were not breathable, plus I sweat easily, thus it gets really stuffy to wear these panties all day long in summer. I no longer had this kind of trouble after I get some Pure5.5. They are moisture-absorbing, fast-drying, odor-removing. The texture of Pure5.5 has a soft touch. It’s pretty much like wearing collagen. They won’t become static even if I wear them in the winter. Getting one good pair of panties to protect the most sensitive part of my skin. That is the best investment I’ve ever made for my own body. It’s worth getting one pair of these!”

aPure Pure5.5 pH Balancing Underwear free your butt with 6 key features:

*Keep lady parts to stay dry & smell fresh
*Balance pH on private skin, prevent from recurrent infections
*Super stretchy & Extra comfy
*Minimal static charge allows for all day comfort and moisturization
*Easy clean, quick dry, your travel essential
*No fade, no harm, colorfastness on grade 4


aPure Technology Co., Ltd
Marketing: Victoria Tseng
Sales/Distribution: Jeannie Yeh

Release Summary

Are You Looking for a Right Wedding Lingerie? aPure Pure5.5 provides Wicking & Breathable features that make you “AS COMFY AS POSSIBLE” on the big day


aPure Technology Co., Ltd
Marketing: Victoria Tseng
Sales/Distribution: Jeannie Yeh