House Party Blows Up! Steam’s Sexiest Game Hits Half a Million Early Access Sales

The controversial early access comedic sim reaches a new milestone as popularity soars

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Eek! Games announced today that its celebrated open-ended simulation game has now sold over 500,000 copies while in early access since June 2017. House Party has exploded in popularity thanks to a steady stream of updates, new content expansions, a dedicated following on YouTube, and a fearless approach to sex and comedy. The team over at Bammsters hosted a live Q & A interview with Bobby Ricci, CEO and Founder of Eek! Check out the rebroadcast of the interview here:

The team recently dropped the new trailer here:

Press and Influencers can request an early access key here

Why is everyone buzzing about House Party? There’s no better way to find out than asking the fans themselves. Over 4,000 players have written Steam reviews for the game which has contributed towards 95% positive user review ratings at times.

House Party’s reach continues to grow beyond the 500,000 players who have already purchased it thanks to continued interest from some of YouTube’s biggest video creators. Tastemakers such as Jacksepticeye, MattShea, and PewDiePie have introduced millions of viewers to the goofy, sexy fun of Eek’s silly, AI-driven simulation. YouTuber LetyDoesStuff was even added as an in-game model in the most recent update. Future content in the works includes Danny and Arin from the Game Grumps channel who won a contest where the winners would be made into 3D models and inserted into the game.

Best of all, the party is only just getting started. Eek! Games has major plans for House Party throughout the rest of 2019 and beyond. This includes more updates with bug fixes and new content, fan-requested female POV storylines, and more. House Party will finally exit early access sometime in 2020, so even more exciting news is coming.

If you haven’t checked out House Party yet and want to join the 500,000 already partying, You can join in the conversation on Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and our official forums. Fans who want an early taste of what’s next for House Party can support the game via Patreon.

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About Eek! Games

Eek! Games, based out of Oregon, was founded by programmer Bobby Ricci back in 2015. Bobby is a longtime fan of comedic adventure style games such as Leisure Suit Larry and Space Quest. Initially, he wrote a unique 3D “Character Engine” and had planned to sell it as an asset. Instead, the game House Party launched in Steam early access back in June 2017. Bobby’s founding vision was to create the most absurd characters he could think of as extreme parodies of various personalities.

As of August 2019, the game met an exciting milestone, being sold to over half a million players worldwide. Learn more on the official website here


Media Contact:
Racheal A. Mack


Media Contact:
Racheal A. Mack