Genie Enterprise Launches Genie, a Next-Generation Automated Cooking System with Unprecedented Convenience, Taste and Nutrition

Genie Brings a New Way for People to Cook and Eat to the U.S. Market

  • Compact, Genie device cooks healthy, tasty, and affordable culinary quality meals in minutes.
  • Unique pod-based cooking device brings revolutionary simplicity to cooking food with one-touch activation.
  • Taste the future of food, the insta-food Genie robotic cooking system cooks, delicious, nutritious food with natural ingredients, anytime, anywhere, at a push of a button.


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Introducing Genie, a next-generation robotic cooking system that cooks clean-label, nutritious and delicious meals at a push of a button.

NEW YORK--()--Future Food-Tech 2019 Genie Enterprise, a privately held company that’s on a mission to revolutionize the way people cook and eat, is launching Genie — the next generation device that delivers unprecedented taste, nutrition and convenience. Genie will debut in New York City at the Future of Food Tech Summit June 18-19, 2019.

The global food industry has been searching for healthy, tasty, and affordable food that can be prepared fast and conveniently. Introducing Genie, the world’s only compact, automated cooking system in a small footprint (that is the size of a home coffee machine) that can cook delicious and nutritious meals with the push of a button.

“Genie delivers everything that matters to food eaters, including taste, nutrition and convenience,” said Genie Enterprise CEO and Co-Founder Ayelet Carasso-Sternberg. “What’s quick shouldn’t compromise quality. What’s delicious should also be nutritious. What’s good for you should also be good for the planet. That’s why we created Genie. With a push of a button, Genie cooks nutritious and delicious meals in a snap.”


Genie is fast and convenient, in three minutes, people will now be able to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert (and every meal in between) from freeze dried pods. Genie’s disruptive technology leverages deep learning for personalization of future meals to allow less food waste and spoilage. Genie cooks a healthy meal with zero preservatives, artificial flavors, chemicals or things you can’t pronounce.

Genie cooks and bakes by replicating a chef’s process and motions: hydrating, whisking, mixing, cooking, heating, boiling, steaming with a detailed meal-specific routine to cook many tasty meals. Each meal pod includes all the needed ingredients to cook a dish and a patented smart algorithm that recognizes each ingredient and treats it uniquely.

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Genie is a new technology for a new way of cooking. Genie has pioneered a unique, single-serving, pod-based cooking device. A compact, insta-food robotic cooking system with patented artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to cook and bake organic, delicious, nutritious and sustainable food.

“We solved major food technology and preparation barriers, by cooking all natural, delicious, nutritious and sustainable food, fast and effortless,” said Genie Enterprise CTO and Co-Founder Doron Marco. “First came frozen TV dinners and ready-to-microwave meals, and most recently smart ovens – now there’s Genie, that is poised to disrupt the food tech industry like coffee machines did decades ago.

“Genie is the culmination of many years of hardware and software R&D,” said Doron Marco. “Genie delivers all the taste and convenience food eaters crave -- without compromise to nutrition or the planet. We are relentless in our quest to revolutionize the global fast food culture with technology and quality that is truly game changing.”


Every Genie meal is clean label, which means it contains absolutely no preservatives, chemicals or additives of any kind. Our team of nutritionists, dieticians and world-renowned chefs combine to create something magical in every pod. The result is all natural and healthy food that can be cooked in minutes with one-touch activation.


Genie does more than bring healthy, affordable meals to the masses – it also helps people cut back on food waste, reduce their environmental footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable food world. The company works in collaboration with top chefs to create a variety of natural and nutritious meals, and is sustainability focused and continuously working on reducing the environmental footprint, through waste minimization.


Genie offers over 30 menu items/meal pods with a variety of dishes including breakfast, soups, pasta, noodles and baked treats. To cater to all lifestyles and diets, Genie’s menu was created in collaboration with world-class chefs and leading nutritionists.

Meal pods combine freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats as well as raw ingredients such as herbs, spices and grains. For early stage customers, Genie Enterprise has the capability to produce special meals subject to dietary restrictions. Genie is continuing to expand its menu locally and by region. Genie Enterprise makes the meals in a manufacturing facility in Indiana.

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Genie is currently available to early access B2B customers. Contact us about scheduling a tasting and dining demo or preorder.


Genie is a privately held company with a mission to revolutionize the way people cook and eat. Genie’s goal is to be reference and preference for the world to eat better. Genie's robotic cooking system cooks clean-label, nutritious and delicious meals at a push of a button. This is fast food that powers a healthy, active lifestyle. Also, every Genie meal is perfectly portioned to help regulate calorie intake and reduce food waste. With Genie, we can all push for better in our lives.

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Genie Enterprise Launches Genie, a Next-Generation Automated Cooking System with Unprecedented Convenience, Taste and Nutrition


Media Contact:
Jeremy Hyatt
Green Flash Media