Block Launches All-Inclusive Renovation Platform

New platform simplifies renovation process by introducing transparent costs, set timelines, trusted builders

NEW YORK--()--Today, Block launches its all-inclusive renovation platform, drastically simplifying the home improvement process for homeowners and contractors alike. Starting with the bathroom, Block provides transparently priced, all-inclusive packages that include architect-grade design, premium fixtures, and construction labor by experienced contractors. Available first in greater New York and northern New Jersey, Block is taking all the uncertainty and variables out of home renovation and democratizing access to high-end design.

Renovations are notorious for draining a homeowner’s time and bank account, not to mention the stress of inconsistent outcomes and a lack of clarity around construction standards. Block solves these pain points by tightly integrating all the components of a renovation into a single streamlined experience, so that getting a beautifully designed bathroom is an easier, faster and anxiety-free process.

Co-founders Koda Wang, former Chief Customer Officer at Rent the Runway and Chief Operating Officer at HuffPost, and Luke Sherwin, Co-founder and former Creative Director of Casper, share an underlying belief that thoughtful use of technology can make high-end architectural details accessible to most homeowners.

“Our goal is to make the kind of spaces you see in design magazines affordable and accessible to the average homeowner, as well as more straightforward for the average builder,” says Sherwin.

“A renovation is one of the biggest, most expensive, time intensive, and irreversible purchases you're going to make in your life,” says Wang. “Customers deserve to have complete clarity of what they’re getting, how much it's going to cost, and how much time it will take. This is why a modern company like Block needs to exist.”

Block works with vetted architects and licensed contractors to create premium bathroom renovation packages delivered for 25 percent less than the New York average. Block bathroom packages start at $15,000 and include design, drawings, raw materials, all fixtures, and construction labor. Homeowners can browse available designs on the company website. They’ll then receive a free online cost estimate, along with the option to receive a sample box of materials to their home. After sending Block a few photos and a video of their existing space, homeowners receive a free video consultation with Block.

The company manages design, board approvals and pre-construction challenges. This simplified process is estimated to save homeowners an average of $10,000 for an equivalent renovation, three-to-six weeks in construction time, and approximately 40 hours of their own time that would otherwise be devoted to design decisions, procurement, project management, and contractor coordination.

The Block Renovation team collaborated with multiple veteran contractors and architects on flexible design systems that successfully adapt to 95 percent of bathroom layouts. Rather than constraining homeowners to fixed templates, the design systems allow for personalization of surfaces, fixtures, and even lighting quality. Key partners include Schiller Projects, Leong Leong Architects, and Kate Scott.

“We are excited to partner with Block for this unique opportunity to reinvent the outdated construction method and better address homeowners’ needs while staying focused on high-level design,” says Aaron Schiller, principal and owner at Schiller Projects. “We’re providing greater access to architect-grade design with our combined expertise in built and graphic design, construction, strategy, and Block’s ability to increase consistency in demand by streamlining complex projects.”

Block’s first offering is the bathroom and will expand to other renovations including kitchens, flooring, and painting. Global venture capital firm NEA led Block’s recent round of financing with participation from Lerer Ventures and Rainfall Ventures.

“Block is transforming the massive home renovation industry by pioneering a new experience for customers and contractors alike,” said Amit Mukherjee, Partner at NEA. “We’ve known Koda and Luke for several years and are impressed by their combined experience and complementary talents. Block’s platform is game-changing for the millions of Americans that take on home renovation projects each year—it’s an enormous opportunity, and we are thrilled to partner with Block to deliver an innovative solution.”

About Block Renovation

Block is an all-inclusive renovation platform that combines architect-grade design, construction labor, fixtures, and materials into affordable renovation packages. Block is reinventing the home renovation by offering complete renovations rather than the sale of individual services. The company was founded by Luke Sherwin, co-founder of Casper, and Koda Wang, formerly Chief Customer Officer at Rent the Runway and Chief Operating Officer at HuffPost. Block simplifies a complex and convoluted process while ensuring homeowners never feel uncertainty when beginning a home renovation project. By combining everything into one package, Block delivers an intuitive experience for completing a beautiful home renovation project. To learn more visit


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Moxie Communications Group
Rebecca Lew, 510-685-9376