Synergy Blue Debuts 15 New Skill-Based Arcade-Style Gambling Games at G2E

Robust Game Library Coupled with HAWG Platform Provides Every Customer with a Game They’ll Love

LAS VEGAS--()--Synergy Blue will debut over 15 NEW skill-based arcade-style gambling games at Global Gaming Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, bringing their game library to 19 games. The new games will showcase multiple gaming styles, including multiplayer, touchscreen, joystick, trackball, arcade gun and driving-style play. Additionally, several titles are also available on a bartop multi-game version.

Synergy Blue’s patented HAWG® platform is a class III certified solution that blends GLI11-compliant skill- or chance-based gambling, allowing for regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions, and opening new potential revenue streams for casinos. Skill-based, arcade-style games help increase consumer engagement, as players strive to improve their score or compete with friends, while satisfying regulatory compliance and providing casinos with new game play experiences.

From gambling arcade-gun play to driving games, and skill-based twists on classics like Mahjong and Poker, Synergy Blue’s game library continues to deliver innovative, entertaining fun for everyone.

New Synergy Blue game titles to be showcased at G2E include:

Lucked & Loaded™ (Arcade gun play)
With your quick draw skills & help from Lady Luck you’ll protect this old western town from dusty outlaws.

Lucky Karts, Traffic™ (Arcade driving play)
Being in traffic has never been so lucky! In this follow up to the popular original, you’ll bet, beat the traffic & ride to riches!

Lucky Fa$cination™ (Arcade trackball play)
Roll your way to big bonuses, big buck$ and big fun in this fascinating throwback classic.

Erickson’s Golden Quest ® (Arcade joystick/button play)
In this adventure game, our hero, Erickson Buick journeys through the jungle to the Golden Temple in search of hidden treasure. Test your luck and your courage to complete the quest and win big!

Mahjong ® (Touchscreen and BT play)
Zen-like gaming. Match tiles as you ascend through the pagoda reaching new levels of enlightenment and bigger bonuses. Find balance in the elements and travel to the gold room where wealth may await you!

Pixie Match (Touchscreen and BT play)
Fly with the fairies, earn magic potions, spells and bonuses with every match in this delightful connect three game.

Candy Ca$h™ (Touchscreen and BT play)
Satisfy your sweet tooth & fatten your wallet by connecting candies, earning bonuses and winning big.

Match Poker (Touchscreen and BT play)
You’ll go All-In playing the Poker game you love, with a big winning twist. Build & match your best hands for HUGE prizes.

Ka-Ching-Ko™ (Touchscreen and BT play)
This exciting mix of Pachinko and Poker will deal you fun and luck!

Cocktail Crush ™ (Touchscreen and BT play)
Lift your spirits with this booze bonanza & get your bucks buzzing by matching cocktail concoctions.

Poker (Touchscreen and BT play)
Classic video poker, because we know you love it!

New Licensed/Partner Game Titles

Synergy Blue also recently converted Orbital Knight’s games, adding the gambling elements and shepherding the games through the regulatory process in order to bring these fun, engaging games to the casino world via Synergy Blue’s HAWG platform.

Candy Patrol (Touchscreen and BT play)
As a part of an elite candy defense unit, "Candy Patrol," your mission is it to protect lollipops, destroy monsters and win big bucks.

Star Horizon (Arcade joystick/button play)
Take part in an epic battle throughout space. Choose your bet, beat the enemy & save the universe.

Dolphy Dash (Touchscreen and BT play)
Join “Dolphy” on his remarkable journey through beautiful yet dangerous oceans! TAP, DASH and WIN your way through challenges!

Kickerinho (Arcade button and BT play)
Become the best football juggler in the world! Test your luck & skill by training freestyle football & making epic kicks.

Synergy Blue Games showcased at G2E 2017

Zombie$ ® (Arcade gun play)
The game everyone is DYING to play!
In this first-person shooter game, you’re a witty emissary hired to clear out a crazed zombie infestation and uncover the root cause. The adventure takes you through several levels, each with unique surprises, health packs and rewards – all while testing lady luck!

Safari Match ® (Touchscreen and BT play)
This colorful connect three game takes you across the savannah, through dazzling waterfalls and past adorable animals that come to life as you play. Match three or more animals to collect points, prizes and even extra chances to win.

Lucky Karts ® (Arcade driving play)
Race friends, strangers or the clock down a classic speedway, a beach boulevard, or even an out-of-this-world space track! Collect coins and power ups to boost your chances to win big.

SquidWords ® (Touchscreen and BT play)
Help adorable sea creatures reach their sea floor home by using your creative, literary skills. Play against friends, strangers or against the clock! This word game will improve your brainpower and could fatten your pocket book!

HAWG® and its games appeal to a new generation of gamers and gamblers, providing an engaging gambling experience with seamless arcade-style entertainment, taking the games directly to casino floors across the globe.

About Synergy Blue:

Synergy Blue provides skill-based games and platforms for an emerging class of game players, allowing casino operators to offer a new generation of entertainment with games that are certified and backed by industry leading patents. The company’s HAWG® (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform blends GLI11-compliant, skill-based, Class II (in process) and III gambling with the uninterrupted entertainment of arcade-style play. Founded in 2013, the company is based in Palm Desert, CA, and has games and software applications placed in six countries.


104 West on behalf of Synergy Blue
Alissa Bushnell, 415-235-9532


104 West on behalf of Synergy Blue
Alissa Bushnell, 415-235-9532