Vaultbank Partners With Kingdom Trust for Qualified Custodial Services for Crypto Assets

Thales HSM’s for secure storage (Photo: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Vaultbank has partnered with Kingdom Trust to provide a qualified custodial solution for digital assets. Vaultbank has built a digital asset platform allowing for the tokenization of real assets and financial instruments. The Kingdom Trust-Vaultbank partnership allows our customers to have institutional grade custody and reporting.

Kingdom Trust brings its expertise in custodial services to the Vaultbank platform with end-to-end capability to secure digital currencies with the highest levels of transparency, accountability and compliance.

Matt Jennings, Kingdom Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, states, “Kingdom Trust’s relationship with Vaultbank will catapult our custody platform for digital assets, giving investors access to regulated qualified custody solutions for digital currencies and tokenized securities through one streamlined platform.”

The Vaultbank Platform is currently in beta testing, and a tiered global rollout is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2018. Prospective users are invited to join the waitlist on Vaultbank’s homepage at

Aaron Travis, Vaultbank’s Chief Operating Officer, states, “By partnering with Kingdom Trust we have created a cryptocurrency exchange with a secure, compliant, and innovative custody solution that will safeguard our users’ assets and further distinguish Vaultbank and Kingdom Trust as leaders in building a regulatory compliant ecosystem for tokenizing securities.”

Vaultbank has been working with regulatory agencies and other governmental bodies to acquire necessary licenses and comply with strict requirements in jurisdictions all over the world.


Vaultbank is a FinTech company innovating the convergence of two worlds - traditional investments and digital assets. Vaultbank utilizes blockchain technology to create, issue and trade financial instruments through a single platform. By providing the next generation suite of financial services, Vaultbank will allow for the buying, selling, and spending of cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, and traditional equities on web-based and mobile platforms.

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The Vaultbank Platform

The Vaultbank Platform intends to be one of the first platforms to compliantly facilitate the global trading of both utility and security tokens. Vaultbank has been working with regulatory agencies and other governmental bodies to acquire necessary licenses and comply with strict KYC/AML, FATCA and accreditation requirements in jurisdictions all over the world.

The VB Token

Vaultbank intends to generate profits and distribute dividends to VB Token holders. The VB Tokens represent partial ownership stakes in Vaultbank and its VB Fund and are backed by non-voting shares of Vaultbank held in equitable trust.

The Vaultbank Board of Directors

The Vaultbank Board of Directors includes former BlackRock CIO Ken Kroner, Founder Austin Trombley, former Third Point Capital Partner Keri Findley, former MasterCard Head of Digital Commerce (MEA) Aaron Oliver, and Gyft co-founder CJ MacDonald.

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Release Summary

Vaultbank partners with Kingdom Trust for qualified custodial services for Crypto Assets including the tokenization of financial instruments.


John Nahas