Independent Workers Unite under IPSE-U.S.™ to Forge the Declaration of Independents

IPSE-U.S. Calls for all Independent Workers to Sign the Declaration on July 4th

DETROIT--()--IPSE-U.S., a not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting independent workers, today announced the creation of the Declaration of Independents, a statement promoting the freedom and protection of America’s 68 million independent workers, freelancers, consultants and the self-employed.

According to recent research, there are 54 million to 68 million independent earners in the United States, 72 percent of whom participate in that workstyle by choice rather than necessity. U.S. policies, however, have not kept pace with this reality.

“We have spent the last 75 years building our social institutions and benefit structures around the premise that everyone works in a traditional W-2 ‘job,’ leaving independent workers without the protections most full-time employees take for granted,” said Carl Camden, Founder and President, IPSE-U.S. “Without a unified political voice, they face complicated tax schemes and lack access to workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, employer-sponsored health care, disability and retirement plans to protect their families and their finances. We will represent independent workers to advocate for policy reform that reflects the modern world of work.”

All independent workers are invited to sign the Declaration of Independents and become the unified voice of an underrepresented community when it comes to labor policies, health care and benefit regulations.

IPSE-U.S. will focus on fighting for the following independent worker initiatives:

  • Create a focus on independent workers in the federal government. Current labor policies were designed around traditional employment. To balance this equation, IPSE-U.S. proposes an undersecretary of independent work at the Department of Labor to be appointed. This post would focus solely on understanding and representing the unique interests of the self-employed.
  • Provide fair and equitable tax treatment. Independent workers who have made self-employment a full-time career choice face ongoing attempts and “tests” to re-classify them as W-2 employees. Though the U.S. tax code is complex, the self-employed face additional intricacies and burdens—and accountants can’t yet assure them whether the new tax act is a boon or bust for their solo businesses. Independent workers should be free to work as they choose without undue tax burdens.
  • Remove barriers to fair and equitable benefit structures. Both the employer-based model and the individual mandate for health insurance have proven flawed. IPSE-U.S. believes the free market can reach faster, better solutions to affordable, portable health care and benefits for independent workers.

In addition to its advocacy efforts, IPSE-U.S. is engaged with partners like Prudential, iWorker Innovations™ and Kelly Services that understand how independents work and will offer products and services tailored to their unique needs.

“Current research tells us that the independent workforce is three times the size of the traditional temporary workforce, and becoming increasingly more important to companies seeking skilled talent to execute their business goals,” said John Healy, Vice President and Managing Director, Global Talent Supply Chain, Kelly Services. “Kelly believes that by providing employees meaningful opportunities to learn, grow and acquire new skills and experiences, they gain control and balance while pursuing their passions.”

“The gig economy has become an important source of income for a growing part of the U.S. workforce,” said Kelly Abeles, vice president, Strategy & Account Management, Association & Affinity Services, for Prudential Financial Group Insurance. “Partnering with associations like IPSE allows firms like Prudential to play a critical role in providing financial wellness benefits to these workers.”

Independent workers can sign the Declaration of Independents at

Camden continued: “We believe the time has come to protect the freedom and secure the future of our independent workers. Strength in numbers can be the catalyst for real change.”

About IPSE-U.S.
IPSE-U.S. is a not-for-profit association that celebrates America’s 68 million independent workers. The organization is passionate about giving independent workers a powerful voice at the policy-making table while forming a vibrant community that empowers members to grow their solo businesses, protect their families and achieve financial well-being.

Modeled after the original IPSE founded in the UK 19 years ago to advocate for independent professionals and the self-employed, IPSE-U.S. is adopting proven best practices and adapting its model to the unique challenges presented by American labor policies and health care/benefit regulations. For more information, visit


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Christine Linder, 314-650-7580