National Car Rental Victim Plans to Turn the Table on Enterprise Holdings for Its Act of Charging for Damages without a Shred of Evidence of Liability, SubscriberWise Proclaims

Victim may be ’kicked to the curb’ as it relates to appropriate civil due process in the USA, but there’s little doubt the Tortfeasor is going to experience a substantial and extended economic consequence for the financial pain it's exacted through the ‘DRU’ and other tactics

WASHINGTON--()--SubscriberWise, the nation’s largest issuing CRA for the communications industry and the leading protector of children victimized by identity fraud, announced today the public proclamation from National Car Rental crime victim and America’s child identity guardian, David E. Howe, that Tortfeasor Enterprise Holdings’ National Car Rental, including Alamo and Enterprise Car Rental companies, are going to be held accountable – in substantial financial terms – for the unfair and intentional tort, lies, embarrassment, anger, abuse, and harm perpetrated by Tortfeasor Enterprise Holdings at the SW FL Fort Myers International Airport and elsewhere.

“It’s very simple,” said David Howe, SubscriberWise founder, US and global Credit Czar, and America’s child identity guardian.

“It’s karma.

It’s just desserts.

It’s due process.

It’s equity.

It’s fairness.

Some may even argue that it's retribution.

And to be sure, that is indeed correct,” emphasized the crime victim. “Yes, it is going to be a reckoning if I can help it.

No doubt about it, though, it’s time,” victim Howe declared.

“But it’s not just for me personally,” continued Howe. “It’s not simply about making me whole and for the pursuit of equity. That, I promise.

It’s for the greater good. That, I promise.

And it’s especially for my young cousin, Kayla, who lives in Maryland and who very recently succumbed to the industry’s greedy and under-regulated money tactics when all she expected – like virtually all other victims -- was the covenant of fair dealing and good faith.

Yes, it’s for victims everywhere. That, I promise from the depths of my soul,” Howe avowed.

“And, for the record, if there are any investigative journalists or reporters who may doubt my sincerity regarding my stated mission, then I urge you now to contact the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority and ask the agency about the latest information that I brought to their attention and involved – SURPRISE - automatic and, according to an attorney for the Authority, ‘inappropriate’ charges.

Ironically as it may be, and through my long tenure investigating and exposing credit-related, child, and complex financial crimes in the United States of America, this endeavor is not too far removed from the efforts that I’ve pursued with Congress and the President as it relates to another common and unfortunate situation known as ‘Child Identity Theft’,” Howe stated.

“Now I plan to focus my resources, experience, time, and energy, uncovering other bad behavior – namely the car rental industry along with its unfair, abusive, deceptive, harmful, and remarkably predatory acts and practices.

Listen to Enterprise agent eagerly announce the company’s arbitration policy designed to keep consumers far away from open court dockets and jury trials:

“Yes, just like my efforts to eradicate child identity theft, I’ll now eagerly and dutifully include the car rental industry to this life mission,” insisted Howe.

“So I intend to set my sights on lawmakers – just as Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Director, Victoria Butler, and her Senior Investigators suggested to me during my personal visit last year.

Indeed, federal and state lawmakers to be more precise,” Howe added.

“Stay tuned, America! Change is coming -- at least that is the mission. At least that is my hope and desire.

In the meantime, however, if you do have plans to rent a car anytime soon, definitely stay aware and stay informed because that vehicle you’re about to rent is a ‘liability in waiting’ in more ways than you could ever imagine. And your wallet is its target. Please, before you become a victim, print and share the ‘Rental Car Checklist - Protocol for Protection’ and then enjoy some peace of mind.

Power to the people! Power to the voiceless!” the child identity guardian concluded.

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National and Enterprise Holdings victim to aggressively pursue justice, not only for himself but for all voiceless victims everywhere.


David Howe, 330-880-4848 x137