Inmates Access more than 7.4 Million Job Listings through Securus’ Jobview Software

In 2017, inmates spent more than 200,000 hours in active pursuit of personal improvement and success

DALLAS--()--Securus Technologies, a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions for public safety, law enforcement, investigations, corrections and government payment services, announced the company’s Jobview corrections software made more than 7.4 million job listings available to inmates in 2017. The job listings were sourced from leading online employment resources.

Data extracted from Jobview’s system demonstrates substantial interest from inmates:

  • The average inmate job search session lasted 10 minutes, during which approximately six jobs were reviewed and evaluated
  • The most popular job categories viewed or evaluated by offenders were construction, restaurant, transportation logistics, and manufacturing
  • Throughout 2017, inmates spent more than 200,000 hours in active pursuit of personal improvement and success

Providing inmates with relevant job listings that will help them pursue certifications and training is critical for them to be prepared and successful after they are released,” said Ryan Solberg, Vice President of Jobview. “Studies confirm that inmates who are prepared to find and keep a job after incarceration are 20 percent less likely to reoffend. Providing access to job listings helps inmates get a jump start on securing future employment.”

Currently, more than 50,000 inmates have access to relevant job searches on over 4,000 terminals hosting the Jobview application. “We are seeing rapid growth in the use of Jobview and expect the number of job searches and hours using the application to double by the end of 2018. This really speaks to the incredible value inmates find in being prepared to reenter society,” said Mr. Solberg.

Securus plans to add Jobview to an additional 130,000 JPay tablets and kiosks assisting nearly 300,000 inmates to be better prepared upon release.

According to the National Institute of Justice, within three years after release, more than 60 percent of inmates reoffend and are rearrested. After five years, the number grows to nearly 80 percent. Approximately 650,000 inmates are released from State and Federal prisons every year. The numbers are much greater for local and county jails.

Through both Securus and JPay technologies, inmates are accessing digital job resources that will help them secure employment once released,” said a Securus spokesperson. “Not only does Jobview provide tangible opportunities for employment, the job listings also offer inmates a level of hope for the next chapter and a successful future. That is good for them, society and their families.”


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