Precision Oncology Company Lantern Pharma to Showcase Artificial Intelligence Approach

NEW YORK--()--Lantern Pharma is applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tailor multiple promising precision drug programs to the right cancer patients through use of their RADRTM platform (Response Algorithm for Drug Rescue and Positioning).

Lantern is disrupting the drug development process using seamless integration of relevant existing data, generation of new clean data closely modeling real world evidence and very focused AI technology application to further model this data and distill into meaningful information that can identify & stratify right patients with high accuracy. Even a small step ahead in the right direction will be a huge leap for the pharma industry.

Lantern is currently leading the way in AI directed drug development, recently having fast tracked shelved assets from in-license to out-license within 18 months. Lantern is currently progressing 3 clinical stage drugs in using this technology. Lantern aims to develop 10+ precision oncology treatments over the next 2 years by opening up access to its RADR platform to other pharmaceutical companies.

It is therefore no surprise then that Lantern Pharma will present at the upcoming AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit to be held in Boston in July 2018. The Conference series is solely dedicated to accelerating the effective adoption and successful application of AI and machine learning technologies at specific points of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Arun Asaithambi said, “Lantern Pharma is delighted to participate in this upcoming event in Boston. It’s part of a wider recognition we are receiving as a company leading the way in the AI space, having successfully deployed this approach and validated it through to commercial success.”

Our Lantern team will also be participating/attending the following events/conferences:

  • AACR Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (April 14 -April 18)
  • BioWednesday Cambridge: The Role of AI and Big Data in Drug Discovery, Cambridge, UK (18th April)
  • World Medical Innovation Forum - Artificial Intelligence, Boston, MA (April 23-25th)
  • BIO2018, Boston, MA (June 4-7th)
  • AI Pharma Innovation: Clinical Development Summit, Boston, MA (July 25–27th)

About Lantern Pharma Inc

Lantern Pharma is a late clinical stage precision oncology company that is using proprietary tech platform called RADR to identify drug specific complex genetic signatures (potential CDX) for potential responders identification and stratification with a high prediction accuracy to conduct focused precision clinical trials. RADR is integrating any existing clinical data, with data generated from wet-lab approach closely modeling real world evidence/clinical trials and artificial intelligence to identify genetic signatures and right responders.

Lantern Pharma Inc has 3 drugs in the pipeline, Irofulven-1 out-licensed, Irofulven-2 (prostate and ovarian) entering clinical development, Tavocept, a Ph3 NSCLC cancer drug. Lantern is continuously looking to in-license or acquire or partner drugs programs and RADR Tech. Lantern also is building a tissue and data access network to enable the success of the precision programs.

Lantern's approach can improve success of the drug, lower developmental costs and time many folds vs traditional drug developmental processes.


Lantern Pharma
Barry Henderson


Lantern Pharma
Barry Henderson