Augury Enables Midwestern Mechanical Service Contractor to Provide PdM Services

LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Inc. Initiating PdM Program with Auguscope

NEW YORK--()--Augury, an Industrial Internet of Things technology company based in New York and Israel, today announced a customer win in the contracting sector with the onboarding of LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Inc., a complete heating and cooling equipment service based in Kansas City.

Predictive Maintenance programs eliminate catastrophic equipment failures and extend the operational life of machine components resulting in reduced costs for labor and materials and significantly reduced downtime. Augury’s user-friendly technology—the Auguscope—is a handheld device that listens to machines and enables in-depth analyses on pumps, fans, chillers, HVAC equipment and other critical machines.

“Our technology provides regional service contractors with the same high-tech tools previously only available to the ‘big boys’ in the industry,” said Jonathan Cooper, Head of Business Development at Augury. “The Augury platform will help LBA build stronger, healthier business relationships by enabling them to reduce their customers’ maintenance costs and at the same time, provide them with considerable labor savings in the field.”

Built around a simple principle that every mechanical system can be characterized by the sound it makes, Augury’s diagnostic platform uses vibration and ultrasound emissions to provide corrective and actionable insights for any machine’s health. With portability and a user-friendly dashboard, Augury allows technicians to assess and fix critical assets before a problem develops.

“The Auguscope enables a smart predictive maintenance program for midmarket-sized companies like ours,” said Scott Smith, Director of Commercial Services at LBA Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing Inc. “Capturing critical performance information allows us to create measurable value for our clients and compete with larger enterprises in our industry. As automation in the form of predictive maintenance and the industrial internet continues to root itself into the business world, we're pleased to use Augury to stay at the cutting edge.”

About Augury

Augury is a New York- and Israel-based company that is bringing predictive maintenance technology to new markets. Built on the idea that each machine has a unique acoustic fingerprint, Augury has developed technology that listens to the machine, analyzes the data and catches any malfunctions before they arise. The Augury solution can be applied to HVAC in industrial factories as well as commercial facilities. Augury is building the mechanical diagnostics platform for the Industrial Internet of Things. To learn more about Augury, visit


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