Pydio 7 Launch: Latest Pydio Release Closes the Gap on Online File Sharing Services

New features improve collaboration, sharing and scalability: including Workspaces, Inline-Editing, File Gateway and Pydio Booster

PARIS--()--Pydio7, the latest release of the popular, open source file sharing & sync solution, has been released today featuring a host of new features and performance upgrades. Available immediately, Pydio7 is the first corporate file sharing solution to offer a true, open source alternative to consumer-focused online services.

“With this new release we have eliminated the usability costs that typically blight companies with a need to meet with regulatory compliance. Now anyone can choose to own and control their own information,” says Charles du Jeu, CEO of Pydio.

Collaborative Inline editing

Through a new partnership with Collabora Productivity (the LibreOffice Cloud provider), Pydio7 now combines file sharing, document editing and online collaboration. Users can now not only access documents online, but also co-author new content and work collaboratively.

File Gateway

File Gateway is Pydio’s first SaaS offering. It removes the risk and complexity of sharing documents with external parties, by routing share links through a hosted proxy. The file gateway allows users to share documents with any third party, without exposing their server URL and compromising internal server security.


The Workspaces function allows Pydio7 users to organise file sharing and online collaboration by project, team or department. Admins are able to manage access, create specific rules, and define folder permissions within each individual “Workspace,” without the need to create a new Pydio instance.

Pydio Booster

Pydio booster is an add-on server solution built in Go, the performant language developed by Google specifically for servers. It delivers major performance enhancements out-of-the box, for both small and large-scale deployments. Pydio is now able to delegate tasks to this new component, dramatically improving overall performance and scalability, while automating secure communication.

About Pydio

Pydio is the world’s largest Open Source file sharing and synchronization focused project for the enterprise. Pydio is a founder's owned company. The Pydio Project delivers a sustainable balance between enterprise customers needs and Open-Source collaborative spirit. Sold in 25 countries, Pydio is used by leading brands such as Nikon, Ion Geophysical, and Guitar Center. Pydio also serves education and government clients such as Cambridge University (UK) and ADEME (France). It currently has over one million downloads.


Corinna Rogers, corinna[at]


Corinna Rogers, corinna[at]